Is Babar Azam the most power hungry player to play for Pakistan?


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Jul 29, 2020
There have been others like Misbah, Shoaib Malik, Wasim, Waqar and Afridi. But the free reign Babar got for 5+ years is unprecedented in Pakistan or any other cricketing nations history.

He did whatever he wanted to do in terms of Team Selections and giving his friends maximum chances.
Is he the most power hungry person?
From what I have seen:

1. Babar
2. Hafeez
3. Rizwan
4. Yousuf
5. Kamran
6. Imam
7. Shahid Afridi

All Such individuals
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I have never seen any captain receiving so much support from the PCB.

This is my list of selfish, insecure, power hungry cricketers who have destroyed the dressing room, ensuring that young players don't develop or excel in order to maintain their power in the last 20 years.

1) Babar
2) Misbah
3) Afridi/Malik/Yousuf (All equally prima donnas)
4) Inzimam
5) Hafeez
From what I have seen:

1. Babar
2. Hafeez
3. Rizwan
4. Yousuf
5. Kamran
6. Imam
7. Shahid Afridi

All Shoday individuals
Rizwan > Hafeez. We just haven't seen Rizzu's political side yet cause he hasn't been made captain.

But as a player Hafeez after a long long reign was willing to step down from the top order and accommodate new blood under mickey and sarfraz( granted he did show how salty he was later on). But hafeez batted at 4 to 5 if it meant batting for the team.

Rizwan as a player is stubbornly insisting on favourite positions. Heck even for one game after performing at no 3, management ensured that either he opens with saim or babar, but he ain't being a no 3 again.

He's also gone around numerous times asking for entire PHD thesis to convince him on why he should step down from opening " Aka if I see a solid reason to step down from opening them bring it forward".

Also the time we did see him as captain he wasn't exactly too keen on having usman open even though in terms of league cricket, Usman is solid and much more valuable in the PP over rizzu.
Yes Babar is, but who is not in Pak team? From management to players, everyone is a power hungry in Pakistan.
It is not just Babar, every captain used to do that but yeah, Babar is the one who took it way too far. Time for him to step down or else get rid of his dosti group else he will be criticized more and more.
It's undeniable. He betrayed Shaheen, despite the fact that Shaheen had put his own career on the line for him. Ramiz Raja should also share the blame for granting Babar full authority and transforming him into a brand.
Babar was created by a hype on social media and media.

The powers that be wanted a Pakistani Superstar to rival Kohli.

Match conditions in Pakistan were tailored to suit him.

All this made him untouchable and once you have touched power. Its difficult to let go.
He's the most powerful pakistani player since the Khan. Has a free reign, influence over the Pcb and millions of blind fans.

Works great for him
Absolutely. If you have doubt about it google it. The Picture of Babar that you see is from 1502. When he was writing a book to teach the French how to play Cricket.

To be power hungry, you have to have a strong personality; which Babar does not.

What has gone in Babar's favor is that there is no other option. He is your best player, but that isn't saying much.

Power hungry folks get their way only if they know how to stand up for themselves and are willing to make bold decisions/threats - Babar can hardly do any of those.

Babar is a clueless guy with a below average IQ. He hardly ever speaks sense and just operates based on a template that even a 10 year old can follow.
No I don’t think he is anywhere near as bad and power hungry as those 6-7 I listed

He is quite arrogant. If you remember how he led the Karachi Kings during the PSL even Mushtaq Ahmed said in an interview that he found Imad to be the most stubborn person in the Pakistan team who doesn’t want to listen to anyone else.
There were people who have power or chase it, but they have something to offer, and they may genuinely believe they have something to offer to improve Pakistan cricket.

Eg Wasim was power hungry, yes his first stint was a train wreck. He went back, got wiser, developed a better understanding of the game, and then came back to be an excellent captain. But he did have to bite his lips and get on with it - which he did and had some excellent performances as a non captain.

Babar knows he’s a useless captain, and he doesn’t have any willingness to improve, he is unwilling to play second fiddle (like Wasim did 1993-1996). He knows staying on won’t improve anything with Pakistan cricket, but he still wants the power just for the sake of his selfish reasons, nothing else.