Short ball problems


Sep 3, 2013
HOWDY guys!I was recently having problems facing the bouncer or short ball on my chest or face.I usually fend it off but most of the times i get out to the short ball.I wanted to know the proper way to not hit it for six,but,take a single off it.Or play a grounded pull/hook.Thanks!
I agree with the reply above hook and pulls are definitely natural (I developed them while playing on cement wickets as ball bounces a lot more often) and normally play them comfortably on matting and AstroTurf wickets here, but then no one really like a quick short ball targeted on the body.

Facing them as much as possible in nets will really help your will understand the feel when to duck or leave and when to apply the shot (ask some one to throw quick short deliveries from shorter distance, aware of the situation without match pressure will help you think)
I accede with the acknowledgment aloft angle and pulls are absolutely accustomed (I developed them while arena on adhesive wickets as brawl bounces a lot added often) and commonly play them calmly on carpeting and AstroTurf wickets here, but again no one absolutely like a quick abbreviate brawl targeted on the body.
The key is to get into the position early now I know it's not easy especially when it's coming at pace but there are few give always like the bowlers action obviously the bowl is released later, field placement, match situation , but the most important thing is to keep that eye on the ball, having played at a decent level even though am a fast bowler I actually quite liked short stuff as one good hit and the bowler ain't bowling that stuff again neither will he talk much