Slazenger PowerBlade Ultimate: A Brief Glance


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Apr 12, 2011
Alright Gentlemen,

As promised I am going to post a brief review of the Slazenger PowerBlade Ultimate that I received today; if you want to know the history of the saga please refer to this thread:

I would like to apologize upfront as my Rebel has been hijacked by a friend for the time being; so I had to get my not so good but still quite old Powershot involved in the action for this review; do not expect any big sixes from this one, specially at night and hence the quality of the picture will leave a lot to be desired.

As you will see I have uploaded some pictures not only of the Slaz but also a few other of my bats to help us compare and contrast the models.

The first few pictures show some close snaps of the blade, edges and profile.

I have then inserted a couple of snaps of the Slaz with a few of my other bats.

In the next set I have specially contrasted the PB with my GM Hero 707.

Here are the reasons for this comparison:
Hero 707: midrange, low sweet spot, thinner edges, 2.9
PB: Ultimate range, low sweet spot, thicker edges, 2.10

What do you make of this contrast? Please let me know.

Now, here are my observations about the Slaz:

Looks: Decent enough; 9 straight grains and the face is more or less clear enough; then again it is an "Ultimate" so we should expect something equal and in my frank opinion, a little better.

Edges: 34-35mm

Profile: Big and impressive for the weight. Once knocked it, I am sure people will get a lot of value for their shots. Unfortunately, I have not yet taken it out of its cellophane wrapper and I explain the reason in the next point.

Ping: No real chance to test it thus far; initial impression on tapping an old ball on the face is that it will require some knocking to judge the ping; but when I do the same on my Nitro Carbo for example, the response is much better and I have not knocked it in either.

Sweetspot: Low but is quite extended; this is interesting to note as when people talk about extended sweet spot they usually refer to one which extends from the mid blade to the lower portion; but my feel of the bat leads me to believe that in this one while the majority of the wood is near the bottom, it does have some mojo in the mid and upper blade region; the toe as you can see is quite thick as well.

Pick up: Now the distribution of the wood would lead us to believe that it will have a better pick up than the Hero, right? Wrong. It is in the pick up that I am extremely disappointed. I gave my Slaz and my CA 10000 (mentioned elsewhere in this forum) which I got from former international star Asif Mujtaba, to my wife who has no idea about cricket bats. I asked her to swing both the bats and she inferred that the Slaz was heavier. Funny enough, I would keep this one away from her lest she decides to use it on me. Sometimes the novices give you inputs that one tends to overthink too much. I then picked up both the bats and found the Slaz to be much heavier not only in the pick up but also in the swing. I then compared the Hero with the Slaz and though the Hero is just one ounce lighter, it felt much more comfortable in the swing motion for just this little difference in weight. The major concern is not that the Slaz is bottom heavy, it just feels heavy overall.

Inference: Because of the pick up, I will not give this Slaz PB Ultimate the points one might think it might be deserving of. The main point of reservation is the price---in the US, this one sells for $399; is it worth it? Again it comes down to personal choice but left to me I will not spend more than $250 on this one; then why did I buy it? Well, because, I got it for $120; for $120 it is the best ever buy someone can have. So it ultimately comes down to the question of value. In my case, it is worth it. I will not take it out of the wrapper as I know a few Slaz enthusiasts who would gladly exchange one their bats with this one.

Again, apologies for the elongated ramblings and the poor quality of the pictures. Like I have said in the past, this kind of a review is really not complete without using the bat in the middle. One should also carefully comprehend the fact that it is my own feel of the bat that leads me to draw my own inferences and it might not match what you have in your own mind. That is why we are here to share our experiences so please, please, and again please, feel free to share your views and inputs in this thread.
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The Pictures:


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Some more:


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Having problems attaching the pics; CD help if you can please :)


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Cannot upload some important profile shots; but here is a comparison shot with a few of my other bats.


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Are you actually in Brazil? I thought Sports Direct didn't ship overseas.
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Hero and PB:

(still can't upload a few imp pics :( )


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OK--I think this is enough; don't want to bore you guys with more; I won't worry about the ones I could not upload.


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zeusky mate you can email me the pictures if you want me to upload them for you..
Are you actually in Brazil? I thought Sports Direct didn't ship overseas.

Hi Shirazi,

I would never advise anyone to buy a bat online without talking to the retailer about your requirements and perhaps getting to see their opinions and a few pictures of the bat. I am in the USA; I got this because of a combined shipment that my club had needed to do and because of the price I felt I had nothing to lose.
First of all, I would like to thank your from my heart for your efforts in writing all this. To be honest, I haven't seen anyone reviewing like this and your review was fantastic and I loved it really.

So thank you mate!

Anyways, here is my take on the bat.

Few observation on Hero-PB comparison;

- Hero has more than one grip compared to PB hence it feels a bit heavier.
- Since PB has lower swell position it has thicker edges which means more wood/mass is on the bat compared to Hero. What Physics teaches us is that the more mass you have away from your hands the heavier the item will feel and vice versa.
- Third not too sure if this is matter for everyone but I would say you are used to Hero compared to PB. An example when I got Gray Nicolls Pro bat it felt bottom heavy and heavy bat but now when I hold it then I find it a bit lighter although it has same settings as it had when I bought it.

Now the distribution of the wood would lead us to believe that it will have a better pick up than the Hero, right? Wrong

As I earlier mentioned the weight on PB is more on lower region as that is main swell position if you see your CA you will see the swell is a near higher region of the blade.

Not sure but if you see a baseball training tool bat, it is low sweetspot and it is very thin and is no where as thick as regular size but it feels very heavy as the weight is down which means further away from the hands.

The price you paid for your Slazenger is very very good, there is no chance in this world you can get another piece for similar price. In fact, it looks quite good as well and I am impressed with $120 stick. When I bought Gray Nicolls Powerbow in 2009 July I had ZERO knowledge of bats or brands even but I wanted Gray Nicolls because Mohammad Yousuf used it so the bat I got was lowest model and I paid $160 for a Grade 3/4 bat which had 4 grains, knots etc and you paid $120 for the one pictured above so I think it is probably the best deal I have ever seen alongside AamerM Bhais Distinction and Rizis Icon.


Which Icon is that? I mean which range?

Wow you have completely bashed your CA, how did it treat you though?

Evo and Nitro look lovely in terms of profile among all! :))
Hey, CD-- thanks for your kind words, views and input.

Hero has a very low swell position as well. That is why I contrasted these two bats.

No I am not used to the Hero as I have used it only once in the nets; as you can see, I have been using my CA a lot and before that I was using my LW PB before the handle decided to part ways with the blade (ever seen the Shane Watson video with his flare?)

I am quite certain about the pick up and the swing being quite heavy--but then again it is my feel and maybe your feel of the bat might be different.

But I agree with the double grip suggestion--- it might help with the bat; the Slaz feels like a slogger's bat and should feel right for people who love to slog. I am more of an orthodox batsman so maybe that is the reason for which the feeling is all the more different for me. Furthermore the Slaz is not just bottomheavy-- it just feels heavier overall.

One important part of the review: pressing--could not review that part with the cellophane on and with no serious use with the cricket ball.
Let me know what you think.
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No worries!

Oh shoot your Laver broke like Watsons Flare?! :O

Actually you're correct feel of a bat differs from a person to person, there have been cases where people have felt the bats that I have very heavy while I felt them okayish and vice versa so I agree with you.

I also call few of my bats "sloggers" bat such as MB Malik Limited Edition and the profile of this bat looks very very similar.

Double grip will help to some extent whereas some people also add a counter balance to improve feel.

I am very picky and concerned about pick up and bat speed because to me that matters the most so I would agree with you that if a bat is not feeling good in pick and bat speed then it is better to pass it onto someone who you think will be able to get most out of it than you.

I would say since you got a bargain then try to have a margin of profit because this bat is not really worth what you paid for it :))

The reason why I was asking handles picture was because I wanted to compare with CAs handles because I have heard that some of the Slazengers are made by CA
OK-- I have uploaded the pictures of the top of the handles of my Slaz and CA 10000.


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I have not looked at that one closely but the feel of the Ultimate's handle is much better of course.
Yeah---it said made in India so I presume CA had no part in this one. If time permits I will upload some pictures of my CA---it will look quite different from the last time you saw it :))
In above pictures (in profile shots) I see how much CA have been used, heck my oldest bat is not in that state either :))

Actually I heard that CA make some of Slazenger bats and they say they still make them now I'm not sure if that's lower end, mid range etc
My GN collection is now complete apart from the Legend of course which I will never buy; I always prefer mid-range bats. Review of my latest addition coming soon with a detailed overview of the buying process :)
No just the Oblivion; I don't consider Kaboom and Quantum to be cricket bats honestly.
Square toe? Pink handle? If it had been for McGrath foundation etc. I would have understood; I mean that is my personal opinion but others might not agree and I respect that. But interesting concept though---it's just that I did not like it. Have you used The Edge by any chance?
I didn't like the square toe either but the feel of the bat was good, it felt nice in my hands. So I don't rate it that bad but as you said its personal opinion and it differs from person to person.

I didn't like Kaboom though, the feel was not great.

Apart from Kaboom I would mention Gray Nicolls T20 Dual Side, crappy bat lol.

Nope I have never used it but I have held it and felt it, I just couldn't convince myself with The Edge if I will even use it let alone buying it.

But one thing we have to applaud of Gray Nicolls is that they do a lot of innovations, I don't see GM, Slazenger etc trying out as much stuff as Gray Nicolls.
Yes they do; what has been your experience with Slazenger? I wonder why no one talks about them that much nowadays. My main reservation about them is the price which kind of takes away the value I feel.
I am yet to see and use a Slazenger.

Even here there aren't much of Slazenger, a friend of mine and shop where I practice got Slazenger V200, Grade 2 a month or so ago. I have been very interested in dropping buy to have a look but I didn't get time to do that yet.

But from what I have heard is that they are impressive bats and my team mates who saw them rate them very very high actually.

I was once offered Eoin Morgans Slazenger but I turned it down as I didn't know much about Slazenger back then.
You know I scored my highest ever runs with a Slaz V500 back in school; was part of my school kit. Do not even remember what model it was. Fond memories; have always had a soft corner for them.
The team in which I previously played had this guy who had that V500 or V200 and that bat is very old and still pings like a rocket :))
Slazengers used to last a long long time; do you know when they started their cricket bat making operations in India?
Not too sure I think it was 2-4 years ago.

Not only Slazenger even old Gray Nicolls last very very long.