Slower balls


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Jun 22, 2013
Here is an interesting article by osman samiuddin about slower balls and wasim's input on it.

Now generally what I've seen that bowlers tend to roll fingers in either direction depending on their bowling arm or the ball comes from the back of the hand, but i haven't seen someone bowling by holding the ball in three fingers rather than two, or gripping the ball with two fingers but increasing the gap between the fingers.

Try throwing a ball with three fingers or with more gap between two fingers it would make it difficult to throw a ball farther meaning that the pace at which the ball is being thrown is reduced significantly. Try that in your bowling action you would have a pretty good slower ball.

why hasn't any bowler come up with this or maybe i've missed it? :13:

Can anyone get Mohammad Akram, Ian Pont thoughts on this? it would be great if we can get wasim's thought :p
I think Dilhara Fernando used the wide Two Finger delivery to bowl his slower ones. Back of the hand ones are the hardest to control.