Somerset v Surrey | Final | CB Pro40 | Lord's | 17/9/11

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Dec 29, 2008
Yasir Arafat with the key wicket of Kieswetter.

Tresco also failed to deliver, gone for 15.

Somerset 43/2 after 9 overs.
Flurry of boundaries for Somerset, Trego and Compton building some momentum.

Dernback strikes, top edge from Trego caught at deep fine leg!
Good lines from Dernbach, short of a length and dead straight.
Schofield on to bowl - may remember him from the first T20 WC :bumble

Somerset 62-3

Schofield strikes, Hildreth plays round it and is bowled!

Suppiah sweeps across the line to offie Batty and is plumb.

Too bad, was playing well.
Poor performance from Summerseht. Jos Buttler is a lad but doubt he'll dig them out of this one.

Surrey have a dynamic lineup and I always fancied them today.

Steve Davies with another chance to make the selectors think. Kieswetter gets the odd quick forty, which can be game-changing in an ODI team innings, but his place isn't fireproof by any stretch.
Arafat getting hit all over the park in his 2nd spell
Surrey FTW

Always loved them since the old Saqi-Salsbury days...Stewart, Thorpe, Bicknell and now Ramps
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