South Africa vs Pakistan | 3rd Test | Centurion | 22/2/13 | Day 2

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tough day SA are safe with score they made already......onus will be on our batters...
Got to feel for Rahat got the edge, Sarfraz could have taken that.
That was Sarfraz's catch, the deflection makes it seem closer to first slip than it was
lol, poor stock of bowlers relying on irfan and rahat biggest joke, why leave gul out when junaid not playing?

poor poor decision
Bounce is uneven already. If SA manage anything around 450, then they may look to finish this off within three days.
lol we even have to teach our players the basic of catching at this level. Tough times ahead.
Well really we should have had both AB & Vernon but due to poor fielding....
at least when Pakistan were losing in Australia back in 2010 there was a feeling that the future will be good with the likes of Aamer, Asif around and some classy players like Mohammed Yousuf in the line up, even Salman Butt was a good opener and a very good captaincy material had he not gone the wrong way.

here even the future doesn't look good, Pakistan just appear to be going nowhere.
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