Spare weight reduced bat


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Dec 4, 2010
HI this is the review of my spare bat that i keep in my kit, i have recently been working on this bat to reduce the weight it used to weigh a little over 2'9 now it weighs 2'7.5 i reduced the weight by taking out wood from the toe are as you will see in the pictures. THis bat has over 12 grains and it has edges measuring 26mm.

If you would like me to post details on how i reduced the weight just ask


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Looks good! You did a fine job too!

I'd be interested in knowing you you reduced the weight....
IN the 2nd picture you can see that he toe is flatter than the rest of the bat and that the toe is thinner I just used an elictric sander to sand the back of toe area of the bat in a sort of wide v shape it took a while but the good thing is that the bats lighter without taking wood out of the middle.
Ah I see, curious to know was the pickup affected by doing this?

How is ping around toe area now?
The pick up is better because the bluk of the weight is closer to my hands (not bottom heavy)
The ping isn't great near the toe but it is sufficient to keep out yorkers, i guess i will have to wait and see how fragile (or not) the toe is
Dude i am not a bat guru like CD Bhai but i have some strong concerns tht it will break from where u have sanded it , i mean toe . It might happens while playing a yorker , playin a drive to a full length ball or wateva ...

I did this to my bat to reduce weight but not from the toe , i sanded it from middle from back side of my bat and its been 2 years i am using it in rainy matches and nets , its working like a horse and i am very happy with it :)

I hope your bat live a long life :umarakmal

It is a spare bat but a precaution will be fibreglass tape in the toe area but the toe doesnt seem too weak i think it will do its job as a spare bat.