Sri Lanka v Kenya| T20 WC | Group C| Jo'burg|

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Jan 29, 2005
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Sri Lanka 28/1 (3.3/20 ov)

SL starting off slowly, now seem to be picking up momentum with Jaysuria and Sangarkara.
Kenya vs Sri Lanka, T20 WC, Group C, Johannesburg

Seeing as there was no thread for the game, I created one. When a MOD comes along, he can merge mine with whatever thread was already created. It's apparently another damp pitch and Sri Lanka are batting first, after being put in by Tikolo.

36/1 (4.4)

Decent start.
40/1 after 4.5 overs...

sri lanka building well here.....
the Kenyans are taking a battering here.

87 for 1 from 8.4 overs
Im intrested to see if any team can reach 250/300 in 20 overs... am sure it will occur sooner
rather then later.
S.L 193/3 after 16 overs

jayasuriya gone for 88, mahela gone past maiden 20/20 fifty...
Unbelievable hitting by the Lankans. Almost every ball is going to the boundary

Sri Lanka 208/4 in 16.4 overs
39 runs needed from 3 overs if Lanka are to reach 250. Very much possible the way they are going right now
MIB said:
whats the highest score record in T20?
221 by Aussies.

This over turns out to be a bad one for the Lankans. Not many runs and 2 wickets lost.
18.2 Onyango to Mubarak, SIX, length delivery on the stumps, whacked over deep midwicket. Stand and deliver.
18.1 Onyango to Mubarak, SIX, That's a biggie. Full and on the leg and middle, he clears the front foot and scythes it over long-on
WOWZERS! 3 sixes in a row from Jehan Mubarak! OMG! My Sehri has been so entertaining...
18.5 Onyango to Mubarak, SIX!!, short of length delivery on the middle and leg, hurrying onto the left hander with some sharp kick off the deck, Mubarak goes on the backfoot and pulls it over deep square leg for a massive blow again!!! he is racing away with some explosive shots!!!
Wow, Mubarak really did soemthing amazing here. Unheard of stuff, besides of course from Afridi!
mubarak has 46 off just 12 balls!

260/6 with 1 ball left in inns..
260/6 is an average score in ODIs!!! Phenomenal stuff in this 20/20.

Jaya, Jaya, and Jehan putting up huge performances.
Sri Lanka 260-6 - dot ball to finish what an anti-climax lol
Its a shame though that Mubarak missed out on a fifty from just 13 balls, just like Afridi. Last ball was completely missed.
Kenya 82/7 mid way thru 18th over ...

big thrashing here.
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