Swing bowling


Aug 16, 2013
How can i get the seam postion upright ?? Please guys help !! Is there any drill for this or it will come with practice ??
I have been trying it for so many months but it is just not working ! :(
The bowl wobbles in the air, it just doesn't come straight !!! HELP PLEASE
even when you're sitting at home, have a cricket ball in your hand. just practice and you'll improve. it's not difficult to get the same upright, it's in the wrist. unless of course you bowl like wahab :wahab
Its all in the wrist, The ball needs to roll out of your hand and through your fingers as your wrist snaps on the ball- your fingers need to be behind the ball whilst it is being released. Swing is harder than most put it, and it is different for everyone you need to experiment with grips, seam position, wrist position and find what works for you.
practice bowling, one side should be rough while the other should be shiny, the seam should be angled 20 degrees to slips while the shiny side should be closer to the batsman, also it depends on your action, try and be side on. Make sure you don't bowl too full, for it to swing it should bounce around 8 feet away from the batsman