The Dangers of Online Buying


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Apr 12, 2011
OK-- thought about sharing this link with you guys: please see the video and feel free to comment on it here and also on youtube. The more hits it has the better are my chances to get a refund/replacement. See the video--it explains itself.
It is very risky to buy online and that's why when dealing online you need to know/have a trusted guy who you can put your trust in before sending money. Companies obviously have reputation BUT its gamble as you never get to see pictures of the products before hand. Sports Direct has always been hit or miss, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get hit!

Hence, that is the reason I don't deal with anyone online. I have only dealt with Asad Bhai who is a retailer other than him there is no one that I have dealt for the bat really. Softs, shoes etc is fine but bat is expensive tool!
I know man; I handpicked some bats from Christopher Hull when I was in England a month back; less risky.
I know how you feel but bro I would say let's put this behind because this is part of life and these things happen and the key is to learn from them.

I hope you get the refund.
Hope to; click away and comment on the video so that my chances of a refund increases. BTW, CD--you still have not answered the question I had messaged you. Share the knowledge lad :p
I think this is the right place to ask everyone whether something like this has ever happened to them--whether they got something rather inferior to what they had ordered or maybe (;P) they got something far better than what they had ordered (which they never returned...)
Update: they e-mailed me and said that I will be receiving the correct bat shortly; will keep everyone updated on the developments.
Did not have to; I sent them the youtube link and some pictures; received an e-mail last night stating that they will be resending me the item--so hopefully I will receive it. According to UK distance buying legislation of 2000, consumers can keep the items sent to them erroneously as gifts. I would have loved to have gotten rid of this junk but the shipping would have killed me. It is a very cheap bat which is fit for tennis ball cricket only.
Haha I agree, you would have been better off if they even had sent you a lowest and worst English Willow but rather you got a piece of junk really [hope you didn't get offended].

I hope you get correct bat this time around, one of my mate bought Slazenger from OwZat and he says they are very good, so I hope you get a good piece as well. Don't forget to review it :p
No offense taken my friend; I called it a junk myself and it is just a plain KW; the video proves it. I will of course review it when I get my hands on the promised bat.
Worst of all that you get to wait some much on 1st order to arrive ... go through the pain of finding it not right ... and then again wait for the right order to arrive

So far I done 3 online cricket related shopping and was lucky to get the stuff of top quality
They have been good so far; slipped up once; hopefully will end up doing the right thing.
Online buying from reputable shops can be a hassle as well. How many of us have wanted a bat with a particular number of grains, or size or weight but have ended up getting something else? I would say many; that is why knowledgeable shop owners are as important as reliable shops which sell genuine items.
I agree with you, thats why being far from the country I believe we have every right to ask the seller for actual bats pictures really.
I also acknowledge that sometimes it becomes difficult for really busy shop owners to send pictures of their bats etc. unless you are a Asadbhai or Basharatbhai or Mapperley. But there should at least be a comment section during the checkout process where you can state clearly your requirements. If you are an opening batsman for example and you play with a light bat and you end up getting something in the region of a 2.13-2.14 that will totally screw up your game.
Thats true, I haven't really dealt with anyone for a bat other than Asad Bhai in UK really so I am not too sure :(
I just recently dealt with Basharat Bhai about some team jerseys we were ordering; will review them once we get them.
I got mine from him, not sure if I posted but they were amazing and the price was simply unmatchable.
Hopefully ours will be good too; my team contacted him through me so hopefully he will not let me down and yes the price was really really good.
I'm sure you won't be disappointed, I will post pictures of ours tomorrow for sure
Haha, here you go 'Stallions' one is my club jersey


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They look gorgeous; what is your number? When we ordered we had basically a fight when it came to choosing numbers---I don't even know what number I will be
Haha I will post picture of back later, my number is '14' [:akhtar] which is also my birth day.

Haha I'm glad with me no one took my number :)).

They look amazing when you wear them really, the quality and workmanship is exactly like those Boom Booms not a slightest difference really.
OK-- received the correct bat today--yahoo!! My video got more than 1000 views in a week--that helped :p
well done Zeusky im glad it worked out for you. You did nothing wrong and while pro cricket made a mistake at least someone there had some sense and sorted you out. I hope you thank whoever it was there for that
If they are saying they are selling the same cheapo Kashmir bat as an EW bat in their shops!! WTH is that??

These people are a complete fraud.
well done Zeusky im glad it worked out for you. You did nothing wrong and while pro cricket made a mistake at least someone there had some sense and sorted you out. I hope you thank whoever it was there for that

Already did and made the video viewable only to those with a link. Credit is to be given where it is due.