"Pakistan had more support from the crowd and I thought it will backfire on them": Monank Patel (USA Captain)


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Aug 29, 2023
Monank Patel (USA Captain) post-match Press Conference - 6th June 2024


How do you describe the feelings? I mean, leading from the front, winning the match, and becoming the man of the match and beating one of the major force in international cricket?

[Monank Patel:]

I am happy with the win, playing against Pakistan for the first time in the World Cup and beating them it was an unbelievable performance from our side.


What was the plan early on while you won the toss and elected to ball first? Do you think 160 was enough on the cards, or is that the satisfying score for you?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean, yeah, the plan was to win the toss and bowl first. And we knew initially first half an hour it would help pace bowler and the way we kept them quiet and took the crucial wickets in the power play, it helped really well. And yeah, 160 on this wicket with one side short boundary, I felt we were always in the game.


Actually, the series before this tournament, you have convincingly beaten Bangladesh 2-1 And many were saying that that was a fluke. Now, after beating Pakistan, should that be considered still a fluke?

[Monank Patel:]

I think, I mean, we are not worried about what people are saying. We know what we have worked and what capability we have. And we just focus on the particular game. And we don't want to keep our emotion too high or low. We'll make sure that whatever the win today is, we'll enjoy it and make sure that next day we come fresh.


So obviously a big win today in US cricket history. What are the expectations now? Do now you shift what you're expecting out of this tournament? Start thinking about Super 8’s and what happens after that?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean before the tournament I said earlier also that we want to focus on one game at a time. And our focus would be on playing against India now. We don't even want to think about the Ireland right now. So Super 8 is far ahead. We want to just focus on one game at a time.


Take us through the tactical reasoning behind giving Saurabh Nethralvakar the Super Over instead of Ali Khan or anybody else for that matter.

[Monank Patel:]

I mean, the plan was we wanted to make sure that we utilize the condition. And the condition was left-arm bowler bowling cutters and wide Yorkers with left arm over the angle going out it helps of a bowler to create that angle Ali Khan usually he hits the stump and we wanted to make sure that we make them play outside the off stump. And as a left-hander, the angle helps it. So that's why, and Saurabh had a good day, and I backed Saurabh, and yeah, that was the decision.


Where does today's win rank in terms of the biggest moments of your career?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean yeah, beating Pakistan it's a big achievement and the World Cup itself is a big achievement. So yeah, I would say It's a big day for Team USA and I would say not just for USA, for the USA cricket community too.


When Harish Rauf was bowling that final over, what was the message to the batters then? Was 15 - 16 was asked at that last over. What was the thought, what was the message conveyed to the batters?

[Monank Patel:]

I have no idea. We didn't send no messages. It was just the two guys batting inside and doing their job.


Did you think this match would be such a big thriller? Did you think it'll go to Super over and USA will beat Pakistan in Super Over. What was the feeling when the match was going on and what was the feeling when you head to Super Over and did you plan that there could be a Super Over?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean at one stage when I got out, we were still in the game and I thought like we should have finished the game and we should have never gone to Super Over. But yeah, I mean the way we kept our nerves and in the Super Over particularly, scoring 18 runs itself gives us a big upper hand to defend the target.


Captain, cricket is just taking off in USA. How big of a win is this and how helpful will this win be for the future of US cricket? How many more people will now join with this sport in the US?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean, of course, beating Pakistan in World Cup is going to open many doors for us. And people, like USA cricket community, be aware of it. Obviously hosting the World Cup in USA and performing here as a team, it helps us to grow the cricket in USA.


It seemed like there was a sense of inevitability around the result. Right from the ball one, almost everyone was switched on. So, right from the time you woke up, did you also feel that you are here to get Pakistan today?

[Monank Patel:]

I mean, in the huddle we talked about - there's no pressure for us. All the pressure is in front of Pakistan. And we knew that we don't have support from the crowd enough. Pakistan had more support from the crowd. And I thought it will backfire them, and if we play good cricket, they'll be more under pressure. And winning the toss, the way we bowled in the first six overs, I felt we didn't give them enough opportunity to score runs and we kept them under more pressure and it helped us.


Nitish Kumar, splendid shot at the end, as we all know, super over - it was instrumental in getting the Super over. But the big question that the entire media centre was asking, when is Corey going to step in? When is Corey going to step in? Explain me his role in the side and also the amount of flexibility that team management is wishing to allow him and if he personally is flexible enough to say that no I want to go up the order as well.

[Monank Patel:]

I mean you see as a player he always thinks about the team first and I felt when I got out, I think it was 14th over or something. 15th over? Yeah. And I mean, Nitish, the way he's batting, we wanted to back him, and we wanted to make sure that even if wicket goes, Obviously, Corey was going next. We wanted to keep Corey in the last three overs. That was the plan.


What was the atmosphere after winning the game in the dressing room?

[Monank Patel:]

Obviously, everyone is happy, enjoying with their teammates and their family and friends.
Monank said pretty wise stuff here. He worked on his strong points and played the whole game around that.

Giving super over to Saurabh instead of ali was a wise move as well. Not every time your best bowler is the right guy for a particular job. He read the situation and Pakistani Batters perfectly.
The fact that he's an intelligent person is rubbing in on the heart and soul of eleven dumb individuals assembled as party on the playing field.
Reminds me of Sikander Raza int after they beat us in a World Cup.

U.S. Scores Historic Cricket Win, but Only Pakistan Notices​

Many Americans were oblivious to the magnitude of the World Cup victory against Pakistan on Thursday. But the pain was sharp in the cricket-mad nation

Between sips of milk tea at a cafe in the Pakistani city of Karachi on Friday morning, Jaffer Ahmed dissected the national cricket team’s surprise loss to the United States.

“This is unbelievable and embarrassing,” Ahmed, 26, said as he took bites of bread and lamented the defeat with friends.

“How can we, with our cricketing history, lose to a country that doesn’t even have cricket in its DNA?”

Losing to the United States on Thursday in the Men’s T20 World Cup was a humiliation in Pakistan, where cricket is the most popular sport and part of the national identity. The national team won the World Cup in 1992, led by Imran Khan, who later rode his sports fame to a political career that included becoming prime minister.

Many Americans were oblivious to the magnitude of their victory in Dallas. But it was felt acutely in the losing side’s cricket-mad nation. As fans woke up to the news, they began trying to digest what had happened, watching highlights from the match in the streets.

“We should be teaching the U.S.A.,” said Muhammad Sagheer, 32, “not losing to them.”

Fans were infuriated by their team’s poor showing. The players dropped catches and missed bats, handing crucial opportunities to the Americans, said Feroz Shah, 30, who called Pakistan’s game a disaster.

Pakistan had already been struggling, in part because recent leadership shake-ups in the team and on the national cricket board have hurt morale, Aatif Nawaz, a British-Pakistani cricket commentator, said in a video.

Excellent interview calm and collected, hopefully will be the same in other games.
USA team might be an associate as of today but their team management, board, resource management seems to be big 3-4 level (Ind,Aus,Eng, Nzl) with whatever limited resources they have Cricket will never be no.1 sport in USA but even if it gets enough limited traction even fraction of what soccer has achieved over the years, they will be on a different level. They will plain buy out talented players from Asia and other countries at a much higher level than they are already doing.
The good thing about this tournament is countries like Scotland, Canada and the USA are doing well. Pak in coming years will be also ran's in Cricket like we are in Squash and Hockey now. We are the only side in the world that looks upon crowd support as pressure.
Chris Gayle: USA beating Pakistan is massive for cricket – the World Cup has really started now

Like the rest of the cricketing world, I was gripped by USA’s victory over Pakistan. It is a huge result which is not only incredible for them but massive for cricket as a whole.

You always expect a few upsets at World Cups and having started well by beating Canada, USA put Pakistan under the pump for pretty much the whole game. The atmosphere in Texas looked great and I think it marks the day the World Cup really started.

USA look very well organised and the way they stood up to that Pakistan attack, one of the best bowling units at the World Cup, you have to give huge kudos to them.

They will now look to cash in on this result and they can absolutely reach the Super 8s – what a story that would be.

They have such talent in the team. Aaron Jones looks right at home on the big stage. For cricket to grow in any country, you need a hero and he is the USA hero. He scored 90-odd against Canada to see them home and now this in the Super Over – what an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup he has had already.

Andries Gous is also a very, very good player, I've watched him in a few tournaments in the US. He's a very good striker of the cricket ball and is very good against spin. Steven Taylor is a quality player, Nitish Kumar can bat as well and Corey Anderson brings the experience.

They know the conditions very well and these grounds do not have big boundaries, so if they get going, they can hurt you.

As for Pakistan, they have no time to waste. They have to re-group for the biggest game of the tournament against India in New York City – that’s just got even bigger.

Their backs are up against the wall and coming off a loss like that straight into playing a team like India, who traditionally have the upper hand in these games, is a huge challenge. India are in the driver's seat, definitely a more relaxed seat, but this is India versus Pakistan at a World Cup, so you can take nothing for granted.

USA are making the most of home advantage so far and my hope is that the West Indies can do the same.

It's never easy playing home, especially in a big occasion like a World Cup, because the expectation is so high.

We know the conditions very well, so outsiders might think we should actually go all the way and win the tournament, but it’s never quite as simple as that.

It is actually quite rare for a home team to win a T20 World Cup but hopefully this year will be a change of fortune. We can lift the trophy on June 29 in Barbados, for sure.

Having not qualified for the last ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, this tournament is so important for cricket in the Caribbean. This is a huge thing for the players to step up and be counted.

We started with an edgy win over Papua New Guinea but sometimes an edgy win is a good win. It was important to start on a winning note and now they just need to kick on, make sure they get to the Super 8s and then look to take it further.

It’s up to the players now to entertain the fans and make sure we get some quality support in the stands, and fill it up.

Nicholas Pooran is going to be key in that respect and Brandon King has been batting superbly as well. I think we have a well balanced all-round team. Romario Shepherd and Andre Russell will have a big part to play at the back end, we have two quality spinners in Gudakesh Motie and Akeal Hosein, and Alzarri Joseph is rapid and very steady.

Anything can happen in that first game, no matter who you are playing – just ask Pakistan – so the win was the most important thing. But if I was in that dressing room, I would be asking for more. I would be saying ‘look, that was our bad game but we still got a win. Now we must push on from here’.

Everyone should be hungrier to go out and deliver more with the bat and with the ball, and step up another level. We certainly have the players capable of doing that.