The last time Australia lost by an innings at home

Would have been against us in Jan this year, but :kami had other plans
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Aussies are beginning to resemble the UK Labour party 1 month before the general election....

- They dont trust their resident legend cum leader. His abilities have clearly faded / perhaps were always masked by predecessors' efforts.

- They have a weak body of main players. Not what they used to be.

- The 'team' seems to be focussing more on jostling for their places post-elections (Ashes), rather than electoral victory.

- The pretenders to the leadership crown seem too weak / out of sorts to attempt an outright mutiny to rescue the team from the waning great leader.

Only difference seems to be Ponting hasnt yet caved in to calls to bring back him old nemisis Warne (aka Peter Mandelson) to help save the day
20 wickets. How they gonna get that? Bolinger, Harris, Hous and others. None looks threatening against England. England will ride on top.
They need MJ back on form. That will make all the difference.
They need MJ back on form. That will make all the difference.

Fantastic post :))

This decade Australia have had four innings defeats at home, three to England and one to South Africa.

Before the start of this decade Australia had been beaten by an innings at home just twice in the previous 25 years.
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