Toe guard or shoe goo or dry guard?


Jun 10, 2010
Has anyone ever used shoe goo instead of a rubber toe guard? If so, can you explain the process of sealing the toe with shoe goo and if possible a couple of pictures? Also, I have heard that some manufacturers apply some sort of dry guard. What is it and where can one buy it?

I've used it before. It can peel away when sliding the bat. But the better the job you do the better it'll be. It comes out as a thick sticky liquid and I used it by applying 2-3 thin layers letting it set in between each one. I've done a good job on one and bad one of the other that has peeled away. Its pretty straight forward to do I'll take some photos for you when I get up in the morning.
I prefer and like toe guards because in indoors we have concrete surface underneath and due to crease tapping it does dent the bat but with toe guard I don't experience it.
OK finally got around to taking some photos

The top photo is from my SS Ranger which has peeled due to sliding the bat playing indoor cricket. It needs to be all taken off sanded and I don't think I'll bother re applying it.

Bottom 2 photos are from my old Slazenger V800 Select which would have to be over 10 years old now. I did a much better job applying it to this bat as its just slightly worn compared to the SS




Hope this gives you an idea what it looks like its hardly noticeable.
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best way is to let the toe-guard be (most bats have one already) and then put shoegoo on top!
Thanks for the pictures Ironhide!! You indeed have done a really good job on the Slaz. What did you use to spread the glue?
I used some cardboard I had lying around. Its free and I folded it to a shape that made shaping the goo on, easy.
End of the day mate if you use it and don't like the job you have done you could peel/cut it off and start again.