Ton Gladiator 2013 model


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Mar 27, 2013
Hi Guys

I placed an order for 2013 Ton Gladiator and BAS Vampire Players Edition batting gloves. Did anyone try the new Ton Gladiator 2013 model (one with TON sticker) ? Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Good Choice mate,

Do post some pics once you receive it.

What weight did you opt for ?
From my supplier based in India. These (TON) bats are not for sale in Asia, it's available only for European and Pacifica region (Australia & NZ) customers. I had to provide my NZ address as a proof to SS (my supplier did it on my behalf).

Where did you order it from?
the more expensive ones are not easy to get a hold of in India, The highest in stores is normally LE