U.A.E v Netherlands | WT20 Group B First Round |Sylhet |17/03/14 |

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no arabi player and team is UAE :))) that is why i hate these type of team
In UK the match has been relegated to a red button option India and SL warm.up match is on the main channel

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Looked at the score-card.

Now I can understand why there is no future for cricket in some nations when its going to be only the expats who play.
This kid Rohan Mustafa is a quality bat!
Shame that he just ran himself out.
With the number of migrant workers from India and Pakistan who are in the UAE, you can't blame them for having a team made up of these - better for cricket to be played in more countries than not, and it will always spread from the established nations (just like originally India and Pakistan got cricket from the English).
Pure violence exhibition atm. Netherlands might actually go through from this group.
Anyone in the stadium needs to cover the eyes of their kids. Some violation going on.
UAE and Hong Kong should be banned from playing cricket , who the hell wants to watch expats playing for another country which doesnt have any home grown cricketing talent
i would rather see PNG and Scotland playing and learning
ICC needs to make a rule not more than 5 expats to be allowed in a particular 15 member squad
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