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Sep 11, 2023
SIR Keir Starmer is officially Britain's new Prime Minister after meeting with King Charles at Buckingham Palace.

The Labour leader shook hands with the monarch before heading to Downing Street to deliver his first speech in the top job.

Let's see how the UK performs under his prime ministership
Labour leader Keir Starmer makes his first speech as prime minister in Downing Street

"Our work is urgent - and we begin it today," he says, to cheers from supporters

It comes after Starmer met King Charles at Buckingham Palace and was formally invited to form a government

Earlier, Rishi Sunak resigned as prime minister and said he would also step down as Conservative Party leader, but not immediately

"I have heard your anger," he said outside No 10, after a catastrophic night for his party

After 14 years of Conservative government, Labour won the general election in a landslide

Starmer's six cabinet appointments so far

In the last half an hour, we've seen several appointments to Sir Keir Starmer's new cabinet.

Here's who have got the top jobs so far:

Angela Rayner - deputy prime minister and secretary of state for levelling up, housing and communities

Rachel Reeves - chancellor

David Lammy - foreign secretary

Yvette Cooper - home secretary

John Healey - defence secretary

Pat McFadden- Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

27 years after Tony Blair led the Labour Party to power with a majority of 179 seats, Sir Keir Starmer has won another huge majority.

Both Tony Blair and Sir Keir Starmer entered No 10 Downing Street to cheers from supporters and waving flags.

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New PM Starmer pledges to rebuild Britain after years of chaos

Britain's new Prime Minister Keir Starmer pledged on Friday to use his massive electoral majority to rebuild the country, saying he wanted to take the heat out of politics after years of upheaval and strife.

Standing outside his new office and residence at Number 10 Downing Street, Starmer acknowledged the scale of the challenge after his party's landslide victory in a parliamentary election ended 14 years of often tumultuous Conservative government.

He warned that any improvements would take time, and he would need to first rebuild faith in politics.
"This lack of trust can only be healed by actions, not words. I know that," he said.

"Whether you voted Labour or not, in fact, especially if you did not, I say to you directly - My government will serve you. Politics can be a force for good. We will show that."

Starmer was greeted by huge cheers and took time before making his speech to shake hands with and hug aides and well-wishers who lined Downing Street - scenes that were reminiscent of Labour predecessor Tony Blair's arrival in government in 1997.


Keir Starmer says 'we have a huge amount of work to do' as he holds first Cabinet meeting​

Sir Keir Starmer told colleagues "we have a huge amount of work to do" as he held his first Cabinet meeting as prime minister today.

“It was the honour and privilege of my life to be invited by the King, His Majesty the King yesterday to form a government and to form the Labour Government of 2024," he told his newly appointed ministers.

The prime minister's team are expected to start working on Labour's manifesto pledges today after the party's biggest election win since Tony Blair's victory of 1997.

Sir Keir made a raft of appointments on his first day at Number 10 yesterday and spoke with international leaders, including US President Joe Biden.

on Friday the prime minister confirmed Rachel Reeves as Britain’s first woman chancellor, Yvette Cooper as home secretary and David Lammy as foreign secretary.

Angela Rayner officially became his deputy prime minister and retained the levelling up, housing and communities brief.

John Healey was named Defence Secretary; Shabana Mahmood Justice Secretary; Wes Streeting Health Secretary; Bridget Phillipson Education Secretary; and Ed Miliband Energy Secretary.

Sir Keir, the UK's first Labour prime minister since 2010, is expected to make more junior Cabinet appointments later today and to take calls from more world leaders and first ministers of the devolved nations.

Legislative priorities and the timing of any major policy announcements will also need to be worked out.

Sir Keir has signalled that at least three housing announcements could be made in the first two weeks of a Labour Government.

“The government has got to show that it’s taking charge immediately, and doing what’s necessary,” said Lord Robin Butler, who oversaw the transition as cabinet secretary when Labour swept into power in 1997.

Decisions such as allocating office space in No 10 – ill-suited to be a modern workplace with its maze-like layout – “have got to be decided on the first weekend because they’re necessary in order for people to start working”.

Sir Keir’s chief of staff, Sue Gray, who spent years at the top of the Civil Service, will likely be involved in decisions about how the prime minister will work, how the centre of government will be set up and his diary for the first few days – some of which will have been agreed in access talks.


Keir Starmer to visit all four nations of UK - as he says Rwanda scheme 'dead and buried'​

The new prime minister has announced he will tour all four nations of the UK arguing he had secured a nationwide mandate with his landslide election victory.

Sir Keir Starmer also insisted Rishi Sunak's Rwanda scheme is "dead and buried" after being quizzed by journalists.

The prime minister said he will travel to Scotland first before heading to Northern Ireland, Wales and back to England in a push to improve working relationships.

Giving his first news conference in Downing Street since taking office, the Labour leader also said "mission delivery boards" would be established to deliver on his party's priorities, including economic growth, which he would chair.

Follow general election fallout live

He was speaking after holding his inaugural cabinet meeting, where he warned his top team there was a huge amount of work to do and they would be "judged on actions, not on words".

Sir Keir said his election win that ended 14-years of Tory rule had given Labour a "clear mandate to govern for all four corners of the United Kingdom".

He added: "For the first time in 20-plus years we have a majority in England, in Scotland and in Wales and that is a clear mandate to govern for all four corners of the United Kingdom and therefore I shall set off tomorrow to be in all four nations."

During his tour, he would meet with first ministers and "establish a way of working across the United Kingdom that will be different and better to the way of working that we've had in recent years and to recognise the contributions of all four nations".

Sir Keir said: "At the cabinet meeting, I also discussed mission delivery, how we would put into action the plans that we had set out in our manifesto and that we will have mission delivery boards to drive through the change that we need, and that I will be chairing those boards to make sure that it's clear to everyone that they are my priority in government."

He went on: "I reminded the entire cabinet, that we will be judged on actions, not on words."

The prime minister restated the Labour government's commitment to economic growth, which his administration is relying on to deliver vital investment in public services without hiking taxes or borrowing more cash.

Sir Keir Starmer says work is under way for closer ties with EU and to fix UK's 'botched' Brexit deal

Labour is already working to build closer ties with the European Union, Sir Keir Starmer has said as he continues his tour of the UK.

The new prime minister has been on a visit to Scotland today where he has met with both the leader of Scottish Labour Anas Sarwar and First Minister John Swinney.

Following the meeting with Mr Swinney, Sir Keir spoke to broadcasters and talked down the likelihood of any negotiations on independence.

Haha yes more bureaucracy like Liberals in Canada.
Have to say though Democrats in US would actually be centre in most of Europe.
UK's Starmer urges NATO allies to boost defence spending

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer called on other NATO allies on Thursday to do more to increase their defence spending, saying it was needed to protect the alliance's values in "a new and dangerous era".

In a speech at his first international summit since becoming Britain's prime minister last week, Starmer repeated that his government would come up with a roadmap to reach 2.5% of GDP on defence spending - a target he has yet to set out a timetable for.

He repeatedly avoided answering questions on whether U.S. President Joe Biden was fit enough to run for a new term after he mistakenly referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as Russian President Vladimir Putin before correcting himself. Starmer instead praised Biden's role in organising what he called a successful NATO summit in Washington.

"This was a successful council, he led it, he deserves credit for that," Starmer told a news conference.

Starmer sought to focus more on the summit itself, saying 23 members out of the 32 in the alliance were now spending 2% of GDP on defence, "but in light of the grave threats to our security, we must go further".

"We face the generational threat of Russia, aided by the likes of North Korea and Iran. Conflicts rage across the Middle East and North Africa, the challenge of China, terrorism and international institutions, that should be at the heart of the response are being undermined."

An analysis published in April by the previous Conservative government showed NATO-qualifying British defence spending was expected to be 2.32% of GDP in the 2024-2025 financial year.

The speech capped off Starmer's first foray on the international stage, one where he received a warm welcome from several Western leaders who envy his big majority in parliament.