Umar Akmal v Adrian Barath?

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May 11, 2011
The last comparison of the talented Mr. Akmal with the talented Mr. Kohli seems to have been, for the nonce, decided in Mr. Akmal's favour.

A more appropriate comparison would be between the young West Indian batsman and Akmal. Both are talented strokemakers, early in their careers, playing important roles in a mediocre sides.

Who do you think is presently better? Who do you think will end up with the better career?

Only in tests, please.....
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Umar akmal is the most talent young batsmen rite now in international cricket IMO
Umar Akmal without a doubt. Adrian Barath is overrated.
UA in my opinion, we haven't seen much of Barath though who is also very talented.

But both of them > Kohli :facepalm:
Umar has this one in the bag

Although ones an opener and one comes in at 5

A comparison with Bravo may be more appropriate.
umar akaml and rohit sharma is a good comparison, both are probably the most talented going around but both have brain issues
Umar Akmal vs everyone?
There are some promissing youngsters all over the world, India has maybe more than the rest. t least more were given the chance to play Test cricket.
West Indies youngsters look very good, both Barath and Bravo will play a lot of Test matches for their country.
To list all the youngsters :
Morgan, Akmal, Barath, Bravo, Hughes, Williamson, Raina, Kholi, Sharma and Tamum.
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in test matches the only youngsters i see of class are bravo and akmal, and they are very similar skills level in tests atm.

if akmal had bravos concentration he would be superior though.

in tests the only other guy id put nearest to them is tamim.
without any bias...umer akmal is far more talented than bharath....still a long way to go for both...playing in controversial and unpredictable sides...
as the OP clearly stated, tests only, we can ignore the ODI stats in my previous post, but declaring a winner with almost 13 (25 innings) matches difference??
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as the OP clearly stated, tests only, we can ignore the ODI stats in my previous post, but declaring a winner with almost 13 (25 innings) matches difference??

Go and post those stats in the Umar Akmal vs Virat Kholi thread... You will have a lot of awnser!

Adrian Barath is talented, is agressive, but like Umar Akmal he is over agressive at times. I hope the best for both.
Akmal, no doubt. He is a genuine find for Pakistan cricket, its a pity that he is batting so low down the order just like Inzamam.
PCB innitially thought that they would protect Umar by keeping him so back in the order, but it sort of back fired because Umar has had to do the majority of the hard work due to the constant break downs in the pakistani batting line up. But Umar will look back at his career and take this as a learning process, so young yet exposed to the deep end of International cricket.
Looks like there is a battle Umar Akmal actually won. ...Or did he?
lost form and then left cricket for some time.
Was tipped as the next big thing when he arrived.
High praises from commentators and pundits. Scored century on debut against Australia in Australia.
Where has Adrian Barath gone BTW?

According to Windian fans I interacted with, Barath lost form around 2012, sulked, was dropped by WI, refused to (or was unable to) go back and work his way up, was then dropped by his national team Trinidad in 2014, sulked some more, got married, got religion, and then dropped out of sight.

Looking at cricinfo, he hasn't played even an FC game in 3 years.