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Feb 19, 2005

Q. All little boys have an image of what they would transform into as an adult. If little Umar of the past met the deviant and incorrigible Umar of the present, would he be disappointed, disgusted, or possibly proud?The Umar Interview.

Q. All little boys have an image of what they would transform into as an adult. If little Umar of the past met the deviant and incorrigible Umar of the present, would he be disappointed, disgusted, or possibly proud?
A. Well, as a kid (pre 10), I didn't really have an image of what I would like to become when I grow up. However, the image I had of myself from 12 to lets say 17, is one that I have done justice to quite a bit, I would say. So the answer would be, Definitely Proud.

P.S The word 'deviant' is not one that I would use but incorrigible and eccentric can certainly be considered as mots juste ;)

Q. Your hero Oscar Wilde once stated, "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." Is this attune with your philosophy on life? Do you feel that those who force moderation upon themselves are doomed to be unmourned and forgotten?

A. Not my hero but definitely someone I appreciate. As for that statement of his, I would say that I definitely work on that principle but only when I feel like it. Force in such cases is never good, be it for the cause of moderation or extremism, so those who force it upon themself are definitely heading for a mid life crisis if not a premature one. The heart would catch up with the mind at some pt. Better not repress too much ;)

Q. And what's your opinion of diplomats, especially as you've been branded with this label by many posters, including myself.

A. Generally, diplomats are a bunch of darned hypocrites and smooth talking criminals and I would be damned if I became one. I have tried as much as possible to ensure a certain transparency in my thoughts and acts and whenever I have erred, I have apologied, if I have gotten the chance. Hypocrisy is unforgivable. The only hypocrisy that I sometimes subsribe to is (during courting generally) what I would call, Positive Hypocrisy which means that I might lead the person to assume that I have no redeeming qualities and am a thoroughly bad person. This makes it easier for me to be myself. Expectations are already at a low point as it is and so I do not have to worry about my reputation or the other person's perceptions. Makes life easier, I tell ya.
As to the fact that I am called a diplomat here definitely irks me but what can one do. I am certainly not going to change my stances to fit others' opinions.

Q. Though you've led us to believe you're a lover, not a fighter, have you ever been involved in a serious altercation? What was the cause, what was the result, and do you regret it in retrospect?

A. Twice to be exact. Both times I wasnt at fault in the given circumstance but I would say that I had it coming to me.
The more serious one was back in Karachi where a few of us were sitting. Two guys were sitting opposite me, staring at the girl in the balcony and I happened to pass a few comments on one of the guys who was a friend of mine. The other person thought I was insulting him and later when she had departed, came up to me and smacked me right across the cheek. I tell ya, I could hear whistling in my ears but when i tried to hit back everyone jumped in. I did manage to hit him in the netherlands though and then later when I would go out of the house, I would make sure I would recite Ayat ul Kursi just to be on the safe side.
He was a tall muscular guy of about 19 and I was a rather frail shortish lad. As to why I got hit there, I am not sure. Maybe I inspire a certain sense of inferirority in the other person or maybe they just cannot keep up with good ol' wit, who knows. One thing I did learn as I grew up was that while I cannot be Luca Brasi, I certainly can be Don ;)
Its very important to surround yourself with those that exercise some political clout in the circle you move in.

Q. What inspires you in your everyday life, besides of course moderating a cricket message board? Do you have a muse?
A. The fact that muse is being mentioned along with the job of moderation doesnt speak very well of moderation now does it?
However, that being aside, not nowadays. Havent met a really 'musesque' woman to be honest and the good, pious, understanding women rarely inspire the artist.

As to the question re Inspiration: A beautiful Woman!
Is there anything better ? ;)
Q. If I remember correctly, you're a skilled classical guitar player? What was the original impetus for acquiring this enviable talent? Why classical guitar and not the more popular varieties, especially since I can imagine you as one of those long-haired weeping acoustic wailers.
A. Why thanks, I wouldnt want another person to say I have a husky voice now would I ;)
Not very skilled in all honesty but I can strum if it be. The original impetus would probably be Liona Boyd. Though lately I have moved onto more contemporary stuff. Theres something soft and serene in the sound of a classical guitar. Almost surreal.

Q. Some may accuse you of being too focused on Western philosophy, art, and its acheivements in general. Do you feel that this is a result of your schooling, your relative unfamiliarity with other cultures, or has just Western culture accomplished more?

A. Well, not entirely accurate. I would say I am quite familiar with nearly all the great Urdu poets and have read translations of men like Rumi and Khayyam as well. For philosophy, I think the Quran suffices me and then add Confucis to it and I think that might be good enough there. Art and to a degree prose are two areas where I am literally ignorant.
As to why I never schooled myself there, one would say environmental factors count for a lot and there's only so much I could have done in so little a time. Perhaps in another decade.

As to why I do not bring up Urdu poets or such things on PP, the reason is that most of them are brits, the rest are in NA, so its highly unlikely that they would know much about our works.

Q. What makes Umar cry?

A. The tears have dried up now. However, in the old days, religion would catch up with me every now and then, enough to produce a few tears here and there. Much as I wanted to, love never made me cry. Soemthing to look forward to.

Q. List 10 of your favorite works of art, be it a painting, a poem, a play, or even a movie. Next to them, use one or two words to concisely describe how you feel about each.

A. Hmm, not sure if I can list 10 though.

1. Sistine Ceiling - I would say one of the two greatest works of art by a man who refused it initially saying that he wasnt a painter and should not be asked to do it.

2. War and Peace - The novel by Tolstoy. You cant help being amazed at the man's energy, his expertise and his understanding of so many different psyches really. Such knowledge of the human heart is a wonder.

3. Brothers Karamazov - By Dostoevsky. Again, such understanding of the darkness of human hearts.

4. Shakespeare's Sonnets - Nothing expresses love better than his sonnets.

5. The Code of the Woosters - By P.G.Wodehouse. Pure Joy.

6. Poetry of Mir - So much pathos, subtle wit and such expertise.

7. Time - Pink Floyd. Absolutely Brilliant, love the guitaring in it.

8. Vissi D'Arte - Aria from Tosca (Opera by Puccini). So moving really. Haunts your very depths.

9. Donne's Sonnet 14 - Such a moving sonnet about death.

10. Beethoven's 9th - The greatest piece of music ever written and along with Sistine, the greatest work of Art.

Q. Who do you feel is the best Pakistani artiste, ever and Why ?

A. Hmm, if we count Mir or Ghalib as one of us, then Ill have to say Mir for sure. For the simple reason that he understood the many facets of the human heart very well and people might attribute wit to his work but I disagree.

If not then I would say that Manto is it for me. He broke the rules, had a good command of his art, ridiculed and exposed the stupid morality of the masses and stood by it. Art for life perhaps but still worth it.

Q. Whom do u see as THE cerebral cricketer of our generation?

A, If by cerebral you mean intelligent only then, Ill say Wasim.

Q. Why are u inspired so much by wasim akram?

A. Probably because I am an artist myself and for me, he managed to elevate the tedium and skill of bowling to the planes of a higher sensuality - Art. Time and time again, he would remind to the seeking eyes, what genius in real life is like. Temperamental, Erratic, Brilliant and one who understood that old adage "Art for Art's sake". I dont see him as a role model for the daily rituals of life, he was an artist and thats where our limits should end when we judge the man, I think. Moral high handedness might suit some but not most.

Q. Where were u wen we won WC92?

In our dining room, with my younger brother. When Wasim bowled Lewis, I knew he was the man!

Q. Does reading so many books hurt?

Ha ha! Generally the q is does Love hurt ;)

I did most of my reading from 15-20. That was the most inspired period of my life. There was no limit to curiosity, everything was there to be redefined and challenged. There was no social convention or age old wisdom that could not have been questioned. At that age, either everything hurts or nothing hurts. You could conquer the world or you could well be drowned amidst the confusion of your own psyche. Most, infact nearly all of my reading comes from that era. Now i merely speak from memory.
And such is the stupidity of the masses that if I said something good, they wont give a hoot but if I said that some great famous man said it, they will go "muqararr muqarrar".

Q. Umar, if you were to appoint PCB chairman what changes would you bring about to improve domestic cricket as well as players? what would be the criteria of selection for the national side???

A. Firstly, I do not know much about our domestic structure, so it would not be intelligent of me to propose anything there. I have seen the results of it all and its fair to assume that its gasping its pneumoniaed breaths though.

Criteria for national side - good q. Temperament, intelligence and then skill. Most importantly, the lust for power.

Q. What reforms would you make to Pakistani Cricket to improve its standing in Test Cricket?

A. I think a good basic move would be to make sure we play more tests and simultaneously arrange more international tours for the A teams and so forth. Secondly, do not be afraid to kick out rogue elements. Thirdly, get a man for a captain!

Also, I would make them go to see a shrink.

Q. Do you think if our cricketers read more books, including the holy Quran, they would be better cricketers?

A. If books can encourage them to think for themselves and motivate them to succeed then sure but that is not always the case. Books are no substitute to thinking or desire, they merely assist the one who has already decided to embark upon a certain path. Quran's translation should help but then if we're talking purely from a cricketing perspective, a few Surahs should suffice.

Q. If the Pakistani cricket team was a play what play would it be and who would play the leading characters?

Liked this q :)

Since Shakespeare handled human weaknesses and failures like probably none else, I would say my choice of dramatist would be the Bard himself. However, Beckett, who was an exponent of the "Theatre of the Absurd", wrote "waiting for godot" and I think that play would depict the malady quite well. Inzi nowadays reminds me of Hamlet with his, "To be or Not to be" stance.

Q. How old are you Umar?

A. Annie thought I was in my late 30s for petes sake. Im almost 26.

Q. Who is you favourite indian cricketer (doesn't have to be one of the current players)?

A. My favourite indian cricketers would be, Nehra and Balaji.

Q. Who is all time favourite bowler/batsman/all rounder and why?

A. Wasim as a bowler, Imran as an all rounder and Richards as a batsman.

Q. Cricket is not your favourite sport, squash is. What makes squash a better sport than cricket according to you?

A. I prefer squash probably because I got exposed to it a lot earlier and had the fortune of watching and indeed learning a few things from the Great Khan himself. I think its better than cricket because its all about your strengths and weaknesses. Theres no question of external factors influencing the proceedings. Theres no blaming the umpires, the pitches, the overcast conditions, the tosses and all that jazz. The end result is a derivative of your skills and greatness and nothing else. Also, youre in very close proximity with the opponent and you have to ensure that you dont get intimidated by him and his aura. Youre continuously fighting that intangible and trying to come back from difficult positions to a more winning one. The proximity in particular enhances the intimidation factor, on the other hand you could well be playing a beautiful person of the opposite gender and in that case it only adds to the joy of things.

Most importantly nothing releases anger like hitting a small black ball against the darned wall that just wont budge .

Q. What is your honest opinion of Shahid Afridi?

A. Hes a good entertainer. He has that verve which distinguishes him from the other insipid players of our team. Lately his bowling has improved a tad and like BW said, he is an impact player and I agree with it. Not sure about playing him in the tests just yet .

Q. Very hard to rile you up, I've noticed. What's the secret for this equanimity?

A. Ha ha! Shaw's words usually get me thru : " Those who Understand evil, pardon it" ;)

Generally, I have to remind myself that the other person doesnt know me and he is definitely entitled to misconceptions and false perceptions about me. Secondly, he is not important enough for me to get too riled up over.

Q. why do u love glen mcgrath so much as a cricketer?

A. What a housewife eh? You have to aprpeciate a good mechanic, dont ya?

Q. Why do you have so many this a sign that u are uncomfortable with your persona and feel to allieviate your shortcomings by projecting yourself in this multifarious manner or are u just vain?

A. Genius is always vain, boysie ;)

Different aliases are a reflection of a restless mind not of an uncomfortable one per se. It also depends on whom Im reading at the moment. A rose is still a rose no matter what you call it ;)

Q. When did you first get into Cricket ? (Watching / Playing) and What are your reasons for Following Pakistan Team?

A. I think somewhere around 86 or 87, but dont have much memories of the game pre 92. Why do I follow our team? Nationalism, I believe and secondly I am not particularly interested in Cricket to be honest.

Q Why do you feel Asian Families tend to encourage there children in Science, Maths, IT type degrees but discourage them when it comes to Arts Degrees?

A. Money! You cant live without it and indeed you shouldnt try to either. I dont have much regard for leftist bums, the popcorn kids or Generation X. Also, I dont think its important to do a degree in Arts to educate yourself about artsy stuff. You can do it on your own without going to the Uni for it.

Another thing to note is that most of the asian countries are third world countries and they havent collectively experienced a good comfortable life. Art then is a luxury and indeed freedom itself. Something that Art tends to inspire. On the canvas, the paper, the piano, youre an individual freed from the tethers of everything but your Choice.
You cannot encourage art or other surreal joys of life like love because survival takes precedence. However, keep in mind that this is an ideal situation for the genius to develop. First world countries will rarely produces geniuses and when they do these fellows will most probably be ones that have lived a difficult and exhausting life. And as it happens, Genius is an exception and not the general principle.

Career choice is a tricky one. You have to balance your interests with something that will be profitable as well, otherwise you just might be heading for a good healthy Mid Life Crisis.

Q. Do you think the two type of degrees are looked on with equal value?

A. Sadly they are not. If you take the monetary factor out, then both have their problems and issues. But to think a person who has done IT or Science is more intelligent and a person who has done Bach in Lit more informed may just be false and we should realise that. Our society is a darned stupid one and lets admit it. Hypocritical conventions camouflaged as religious pronouncements. Couldnt resist that shot ;)

Q. If not how would you try to persuade a parent?

A. I am not sure if I would try to persuade a parent to tell their kids to do something which wont result in a money making job if they dont have enough themself. However, I would encourage the parent to instill in their children a certain thirst for knowledge and taste. How I would do it depends on the parent. One must also not forget that you cant reason with those that refuse to think. Our nation has an aversion to thinking. They suspect its worse than death. We breed mediocrity and foolishness and then complain about it later. The previous generation was a criminal loss as is this one if only to a lesser extent comparitively speaking and so will the next one be as well. Sad state of affairs.

Q. Are you a Pakistan Cricket Fan for Life, Regardless of Results, Performance?Or is there a stage where you will stop following them if they fail to improve?

A. To be honest, I am not really a cricket fan! With Wasim's retirement, the slope of interest has been heading towards Australia. Other than that, I wont disown the losers even when they are pathetically bad :)

Q. What was the darkest, lowest point for you as a supported of Pakistan?

A. 99 Final, what a damned performance really.

Q. How does defeat of the national side effect you as a person?

A. Very good q indeed. If they win, it surely elevates the spirits, if they lose then I console myself with the thought that its just another day at the park

Q. Do you think it is wrong to go into a Test Match with the aim of getting a Draw against a team like Australia or would you always select a side to try to win the game?

A. Go for the Kill. Win is all that you should be thinking about. Draw is as bad as a win if not worse. Any team or captain that approaches the match thinking that a draw would be a moral victory is merely thinking rot and should be lynched publicly. Theres no such thing as a moral victory, if you put up a good fight then you deserve praise for that but its no moral victory let me tell ya. If you're good enough to draw, youre good enough to win.

You're never going to succeed if you decide to go for the next best thing. You must think that youre better and greater than what you really might be if you want to succeed in life. The desire to think that you will draw it out and that will be good is, mind you, not only a failure on the part of the team but also on the part of the majority of our nation. Most of us would inwardly be pleased with it and indeed advocate it as well. It is then fair to assume that the captain is also a product of our society.

Shaw once wrote "The progress of the society depends upon the unreasonable" , maybe we need to learn that.

Q. What do you think Bob Woolmer has brought to Pakistan Team, and how would you evaluate the teams performance since he has been in charge?

A. Too early to say anything yet really. Patience is a virtue or a vice depending on where you are ;)

Q. How long do you think the 'Rebuilding' Phase will take and when will Pakistan compete with the likes of Australia and win Tests and ODI's against them?

A. We might become a good ODI team I think but a good test team the way we are carrying on is wishful thinking. Poor and uninspired leadership, insipid players, pathetic domestic scene. Not exactly the ingredients of a sumptuous meal eh ;)
When will the "rebuilding phase' end? I think I would be fine with giving them 2 more series for that.

Q.Who in your opinion is utimately responsible for the Success and Failure of the team and who should be held accountable at the end of the day?

A. If we lose because of our batting, then the players themself. If we lose while we were fielding then the captain and to an extent bowlers.

Q. Umar, I know you are a very good Squash player and ranked in the top 50 or so in Canada (unofficially).
If you had the opportunity to play Squash Professionally who would you like to represent Canada or Pakistan, and give your reasons.

A. Tough call. For Pakistan because of Jahangir. I was inspired by him, learnt from him a bit and so its fair that Canada didnt really contribute to my growth as a squash player. I would play for Pakistan in the given case.

Q. What do you do in spare time

A. If i am not falling in and out of love then movies, frasier and books. If love then writing poetry ;)

Q. Varsha : When people know that smoking is bad for them, what would you say makes them still want to smoke?

A. Well little one, its good to have a vice when youre young innit ? ;) Habit and boredom are two factors personally that I can think of .

Q. What fuels your interests for the Arts ?

A. A desire to excel, appreciate the wonders of the human sense of creativity and for pure aesthetic pleasure.
Most importantly, for a Pure Moment.

Q. Do you think a person who is not interested in the finer things of life like poetry ,art and classical music, is in any way inferior to one who does?

A. Depends on the reason. If they dont even want to give it a shot and choose to stick to their ridiculously ignorant ways because they like that about themself then yes they are inferior, period. If they choose to not like it after having tried then its reasonably acceptable. However at the end, I would say that most people dont try hard enough to cultivate their senses. Not all classical music or poetry or art is uninspiring or dead. It takes a bit to cultivate yourself. Very rarely do you enter the world with a taste for a good Painting, a strong Cigar, a moving Concerto, a pregnant prose and a dancing poem.

Art (all sorts) is perhaps the highest plane of sensuality and surrealism. It makes you appreciate the finer things, the different perspectives and subtle elements of life. You get into it to be elevated, to be moved and to be inspired. Later as you go along, you learn to study them and analyse them for what they are and not 'ism' they represent.

Art has also acquired a certain reputation and we tend to associate it with the stereotypical people who are into such stuff and if we dont like such people then we develop a distaste for art as well.

Q.What do you use more often....the head or the heart?

When i was younger, it was definitely the heart, now, I am trying to find a happy medium between the two, I would say.
teens and plus 40s are the same in a way. its this middle period that is the issue (both also expect you to acknowledge them unconditionally)

Q. how can you tell the nature of the person depending on whether they use their head or their heart?

A. The ones that use their heart are generally more impuslive in their acts but the mind ones are more calculating. Also at times the heart ones come across as more warm and at times more naive in the matters of the world. But this is not a definitive yardstick in any way. People are difficult to categorise to be honest merely for the fact that they shroud themself with fogs of confusion and you have to cut thru a lot to get to the real thing.

Q. Umar seems u have many female fans here and i thought i was the only one Seriously can't wait for ur interview.

A. Thanks for that one Riya :) If i had known you were a fan, I would have sent the others away ;) Just kidding.

Q. My question is who do u think will shine in the forthcoming ind-pak series from pakistan side and why???

A. I try not to predict generally. However I can tell you whom I would be looking out for though. Pakistan's 3rd bowler after

Akhtar and Kan and then Butt and Umar. From the Indian side, Id like to see Balaji and Dravid personally.

Q. who is the greatest Philosopher in your opinion and why?

A. Well GA, cant name one per se because the one who came before others would definitely have an edge merely due to the temporal factor. That being said, Socrates, Kant (never read (present tense) his works, read the commentaries), Schopenhauer and then Nietzsche.

Q. how did you feel when you were awarded the prestiguous post of Moderator of PP ?

A. Well it all started when you started a thread wherein you wanted me to email you. My first thought was oh oh, what does this serious person want? I dont think I have really transgressed in my opinions. Then I thought maybe he wants me to be a Mod because I can remember a few posts to that effect. Then when you emailed me with the proposition, I thought now this is a man who has a good eye for Genius ;)
I was happy indeed for the simple fact that I now had more power and I could assure that it wouldnt be abused as such in your absence. So the fact that I could prevent abuse was comforting. The fact that I have not always succeeded is another issue and part of life. One must keep trying.

Q. What do you think you have brought to PP, in terms of moderation and as a poster ?

A. I personally think I have brought nothing to PP. Maybe to a few PPers, I have given them a sense of what Genius is like
ha! but other than that, I have tried with my OT threads and I assume not succeeded a hell lot. As they say,
Life is stern and life is earnest ;)

My main concern has been justice and as a moderator, I think i have atleast tried to define 'grace under pressure'

Q. what sport do u think is the most difficult to play and succeed?

A. Difficult question. Depending upon your natural orientation, anything could be easy and conversely difficult. Personally, I find Cards to be rather problematic.

Q. Have you ever felt there is something missing from your life but you never come to know what it is? It just feels there's something you need and don't know what it is?

A. Hmm, At this point, I certainly miss that fire of youth. As for the second part, I hate confusion and so have in my entire conscious life, been confused only twice about myself. Both times, the girl in question was a very sharp one and I was young. I do know the things I need and so I am not on a holy quest to find out as to where I went wrong or why am I not the way I am ;)

Q. What do you like more, input (listening to others) or output (talking to others)?

A. Depends on the person. I usually prefer listening(not necessarily input). I allow very few to give me input basically just as I am very exclusive about the friends I keep. People generally think I know less than I think and give me advice from time to time and well it amuses me to think that they think I know less than I think I do :)
Call it arrogance or pride but I wont even be tempted to even defend it, such is this arrogance and no I am not joking either ;)

Q. How is a picture worth a thousands words?

A. Some questions need to be answered with a q. Now then, how is it not?

Q. If you were given one chance of making a difference or change in history, what would it be?

A. I would have to be well versed in history to say something intelligent about that and thankfully I am not ;)

Q. Finally, write a short paragraph on what 'you' think about a PPer, entralinks.

A. A bright lad, questionable sense of humor sometimes but witty and sharp. However, GA might be right about him . ;)

Q. Umar, why did u pick Dalhousie for CS (when UW is clearly better )?

A. A whimsical and an uninformed decision. The guy who sold this idea was the main problem ;)

Q. Who has had the most influence on you (in general)?

A. After my own curiosity and a sense of greatness, I would have to say Bernard Shaw ;)

Q. Who is your favourite historical character and why and if you had to go back in time, whom would you like to be?

A. Napoleon. A man with a vision and resolve. He also liked a certain thing that I personally love ;)
A. I dont know if I would like to be him though, maybe Michelangelo.

Q. If you could go back in time and witness anything that happened in history - what would it be?

A. Michelangelo painting the Sistine Ceiling or on board Napoleon's ship during his voyage to Egypt.

Q. What is your definition of love?

A. Difficult to define. When I was young and courting someone, I had defined it as the strongest positive feeling. I see no reason yet to change that definition, though I did see a few reasons to change the principal it was addressed to :)
Love is the only thing that can move us so much perhaps.

Q. Who would you rather be out of the following, Don Corleone or Carlito Brigante?

A. Don Corleone ofcourse! No question about it. To cut off the head of a beloved horse and make the person fall at your knees, what else could you want ;)
However, if you can promise a girl friend as sublime as the one Carlito had, I might consider it. Till then the great Corleone it is.

Q. How would your rate your self as MOD of PP?

A. I think I am the best there is boysie, can there be doubt about it? ;)

Q. What do you like about Cricket? other than drink beer and watching full test match

A. Never beer, never beer, cognac maybe or a nice Shiraz with a Monte Cristo No. 4 but never beer ;)

Fast Swing Bowling.

Q. umar this was the result of the uncle title and the age prediction wasn't it...

A. hell yes.

Q. do u have siblings?? older younger etc. or are you an only child...

A. One younger brother.

Q. do u live with ur parents, and what is their meaning in your other words, how do u see their contribution in your life, in who you are...

A. I have lived with them for a mere year in the last decade. As for their contribution, my mother liked reading and encouraged it whereas my father encouraged confidence even when I revolted against him. But all my formative years were spent without them in a away so its fair to say that my tastes and interests are entirely my own and unshared by anyone in the family ( I have made my entire family listen to arias only to get that stare from them).

Q. who do u look upto in life (person cud be living or dead)....

A. No one. I am a man unto myself and it has always been that way. If you must, then Michelangelo is something to look upto.

Q. u do realize that umar is trying to upstage u guys (i.e. the other mods)

A. There arent enough women on this forum to assist me ;)

Q. Who are your favourite poets?

A. For beauty - Keats, wit and intelligence with passion - Donne, Love - Mir and Shakespeare, Seduction - Byron and in
general - Yeats.

Philosophers - Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

Q. What made you stop using smileys for a while, and what makes you use them now?

A. An experiment about the intricacies of communication over the net. Why do I use again? Experiment concluded.

Q. Umar do you think if Van Gogh hadnt sliced his ear he would have been famous?

A. An excellent question. The answer is probably not. Most people look at what a particular work of art represents and not what it is as a thing in itself. I find that approach to be stupid if not pathetic.

Q. What music are you into?

A. Take out R and B, rap, country and disco and the remaining is what I like.

Q. Umar do u think inspiration is a lateral form of intelligence?

A. A thought provoking q. I do not think so. Inspiration has certain qualities of intelligence but while intelligence is not whimsical, inspiration is.

Q. What were Shakespeare's last words?

A. Would you believe it, I havent been able to find an answer to this. The chicken thief's last words were not recorded. Ha!

Q. What was the best thing before sliced bread?

A. A loving wife ;)

Q. Why do you think shakespeare is famous?

A. Others are worse. They say that Marlowe had he lived long enough could have been greater and from what I have read of his work, I suspect it too. Keep in mind if Keats had lived long enough, he might have surpassed the Bard's poetry.
Theatre is a difficult art and so Shakespeare's achievements cannot be belittled but I would rate Sophocles higher than Shakespeare in tragedy and Aristophanes in comedy.

Q. What are your views on 'kids on marriages'?

A. Miss that thread was an excellent one.

Q. Do you think that some (many) readers of this site may regard you as an oddball? If so, how does it feel?
A philosophical fait accompli, or yet more contribution to angst?
Enlighten please!

A. A brilliant question sire. Takes one to know one, FP ? ;)
Definitely a Fait Accompli. I wasnt going to change my ideas or stances because those around me thought that I was being eccentric and absurd. A sense of greatness perhaps ensures perseverance.
Q. Since you are the youngest mod here, what does it feel like to be working with the other old aged, white haired mods?
A. It feels young and sometimes old ;)
Q. Umar: what do you think of stereotype that men shouldn't cry? Or that if they cry they become 'less of a man'?
A. They should definitely cry when they feel like it but in private please ;)
Q. I know you are an admirer of Leo & Michaelanglo but what do you think about Picaso and salvador Dali..

A. HATE Picasso. Couldnt paint properly so came up with intellectual mumbo jumbo to fool the world. What a loss. However, I do like some of Dali's works but same feeling about him as well .

Q. Do you think Socrates was gay ;)
A. As I understand it, the male greeks believed in "Men for Pleasure and Women for Survival". So perhaps we can draw some conclusions there ;)

Q. which is more important, intellectual stimulation or physical ;)
A. If youre into arts then both are equally important with the physical one slightly more so. Otherwise, it depends on you really but I would say if youre straight then Men tend to stimulate you more intellectually and women more physically ;)

As for MIG's following question, I would say that if you promise to put into application the implication, I would answer it in detail ;)
Can you also supply the following:

1. Visa/Master credit card number
2. Billing address and location of spare house keys
3. Expiry date of 1
4. Vacation plans.