Was sacking David Moyes the right decision?

Was sacking David Moyes the right decision?

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Jun 12, 2012
David Moyes has been sacked as Manchester United manager. Do you believe his sacking is the right way to go?

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I had hoped he'd stay for another season but i guess too much damage had beene done, cherished records were broken.
Yes.... it wasn't 100% his own doing but he hasn't progressed with the team. I see nothing tactically from him either.
Yes I think it was.

He came from winning nothing into a team of winners, some very experienced players who knew nothing other then winning. He was always going to struggle in that environment, especially when he changed the entire backroom staff and allegedly brought in new training methods.

Manu, with all the big players and big egos needs a manager with good standing, someone who has won trophies elsewhere.
Undoubtedly the right decision, because he was doing absolutely abysmally.
United have been steadily falling apart since September.

I feel bad for David though. Clearly a decent guy.
During his tenure several of the United players have been exposed as ungrateful, egotistical, overpaid and overrated - and yet the manager is the one that gets the sack.

Wayne Rooney for example? Negotiated a £1.2 million gross monthly salary, and has done precisely nothing since. His sheer lack of performance with a World Cup just around the corner has been an embarrassment.
Yes, poor tactics, no motivation, not many positives
Yes. He lost the respect of his players and when that happens you're done.
He clearly couldnt take the pressure of a bigger team and tactically was very poor...Had to go
David Moyes hopes to reach 1,000 games as a manager

David Moyes hopes he can reach 1,000 games as a manager and says he has had opportunities to return to the dugout.

Moyes is on 919 games after managing Preston, Everton, Manchester United, Real Sociedad, Sunderland and most recently West Ham, who he left in 2018.

"It's a big thing to get 1,000 games as a manager," the Scot told Sportsound.

"I've managed over 900 games. There's only two or three managers who have managed more in the Premier League. I've got 500 in the Premier League."

The 56-year-old has ruled out a move to either Hearts or Hibernian, with both clubs looking for new managers after the departures of Craig Levein and Paul Heckingbottom.

And he revealed he has had "lots of opportunities just now to go back to work but most of them have been in the English Championship".

"I've managed most of my career in the Premier League, so that's the level I expect to be at," he said on BBC Radio Scotland.

"In most of the years I've managed in the Premier League, it's been the top six, seven, eight in the Premier League so I'm hoping I can go back there."

The bulk of Moyes' career was at Everton, where he spent more than 11 years. However, he does not expect managerial tenures to last more than four years in the current climate.

"I think the level of stress, intrusion, the way the job works, I think the managers will do three, four years then they'll take a break," he explained.

"I think the supporters aren't necessarily wanting managers for 10 or 11 years now. They're looking for change in maybe three, four years maximum at any of the clubs."