West Indies v Pakistan | 3rd ODI | Barbados | 28/4/11 | West Indies Innings

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Mar 15, 2006
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From cricinfo.

Hello and welcome to rain. It's raining out there in Barbados. The covers are on. The toss will be delayed. And the rain doesn't look it will stop immediately. That's that. We shall come back with more updates.
So help me here, if this ODI is rained off. Even then we won't get a ranking point and will lose one because we won't beat them 5-0? Or we will get that precious point by even beating them 4-0 (assuming that we do beat them in remaining ODIs)?
Hopefully we will still get a game in, maybe 30 over a side.
West Indies v Pakistan | 3rd ODI |West Indies Innings

So we bowl first lets see what match brings today.

Hopefully JK can get his Maiden I'national Wicket today.
Afridi was pretty brutal in his comments after winning the toss, "We want to bowl them out as soon as possible".
Already created a thread. But Mr Mod closed it.

AZ kahan ho tum? :inti
Let's see if Junaid can swing it both ways :wasim

What about the power play scenarios?
i hope the WI batsman do score few runs and at the same time i want junaid to take wickets
So whats situation with all the Powerplays now that we have lost 5 overs per inns?
Overcast conditions and you give the new ball to Hafeez? LOL

and he gets a wicket first ball! :O
I have a funny feeling it was another Ashocka special though.
Devon Smith like Guptill can't play spin of any kind.
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