West Indies vs Pakistan | 1st Test | Guyana | 14/5/11 | Day 3 : Session 1

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20 mins to go, a crucial day for both teams.

Windies looking to build a big lead and bat Pakistan out of the contest.
Pakistan desperate for wickets and wanting to wrap this up as soon as possible.

we're in for a cracking day of Test cricket! :ajmal :ajmal :ajmal
Should get roach soon and Simmons, then stop the flow of runs, hope to get a lead under 250, I'm very confident our batsmen can chase it
LOL WI wasting a review on roach. many lbw decisions are going to be made and they could regret it when chanderpaul gets a bad decision and WI have no reviews.
Ajmal will take a 10fer in this match INSHALLAH, what a magician

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Umar Gul should be saved for the older ball.

Lets see if he can extract some reverse swing off this pitch.
Need to get either of these two out now and we're into the tail. :asif
Now if Chanderpaul and Sarwan can get out in like an over or 2 that would be awesome! :malik :p
Real test starts now. Chanderpaul and Sarwan at the crease! Get these two out quick. I see Nash as a danger too! Already a lot of runs... Windies get to 200 and we are screwed knowing our line-up.
Vicki spitting fire here, what a bazooka ball to Chanders!
Wahab bowling with real heat here. 88-90mph, quicker than he was in the ODI's :wahab
I don't think we can chase anything on this wicket. I mean anything greater than zero :afridi
Credit to the coach and captain for starting with Wahab.

Ajmal to Chanderpaul will be an interesting battle again.
Uffffff, shaped to cut but ball breaking in sharply!
Seeing the turn here.... After we finish Windies off quickly Inshallah... I think Bishoo will kill us.
Wahab bowling express heat here, speed demon qualities emerging. :wahab :wahab
Lovely bowling from Vicky, really testing Shiv here.
This is turning out to be a classically tense Test. This wicket is excellent.
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