West Indies vs Pakistan | 2nd T20I | Kingstown | 28/7/13 | West Indies Innings

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I don't think Afridi will be brought back on. We want to finish this innings
this is just bad from west indies i expected much better. i never thought they would use such tactics. giving wickets to tanvir so that we will keep on selecting him and lose future matches. :p :p :p :p

In seriousness well done. and very bad from west indies. its their format and they are playing like minnows.

Same as india let malik score against them so we can keep selecting him...
Afridi's inconsistency is not from game to game but over to over...
Good comeback over by the magician, putting Pak back on top!

Need to keep taking wickets though, still some hitters left for WI.
The commentator now thinks the umpire is "unacceptable" rather than Bravo objecting to the decision of not giving a wide.
Asad's actually a horrible bowler, based on his performance through the whole tour. Don't know why he's playing
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