What does a bigger or larger sweet spot mean?

From my recollection, the sweet spot refers to the space upon the bat in which the batsman can 'middle' the ball and time it as well as possible. Therefore, a bigger/larger sweet spot should refer to the size in which the batsman can time the ball as efficiently as possible to make the ball go as far as possible.
More n more meat in the desired colliding area = larger sweet spot

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so a traditionally shaved bat will have a bigger area of sweet spot vs a concaved shaved bat which has lesser area of sweet spot?
It all depends on what type of player you are as well.

Remember a big sweet spot may mean a more heavy pick up.
The thickest part of your bat is the sweet spot. Nowadays, you can get bats that are really thick from top to bottom and yet be light as a feather.
where the spine height is the biggest that's your sweet spot and for the area that the spine height is constant defines how big the sweet spot is