What is your favourite shot?

Pick up straight drive which if timed goes for a straight six!


^Like this one
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aj kal to ball bat say nahi lagti kisi zamane main cut shot hua karta tha
I love cricket. I am daily play cricket with my friends. And stet drive my favourite stroke and i also like cover drive to play.
Late cut for :4

Minimum effort ....... the faster they bowl , use the pace and place ......... :113:
Am sick on offside anything short on that side and it will be a boundry so cut

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The TUK! Im pretty good at it.. :p

Im good at playing drives at mid-off.
Cover Drive! Absolutely love it, I pray for a nice juicy pitched up delivery early in my innings
Beleive it or not, the forward defensive stroke!!! (tests only for me!)

Can there be any worse sight, for a bowler, than a batsman presenting him with the manufacturers label and full blade, with the ball speeding out of the middle to mid off?

Makes a statement to the bowler!!!
I love the cover drive, or basicly just good timed strokes

also like to play the cheeky reverse sweep misbah,aakmal play
Inside out drive over covers and a ferocious pull and cut shot.
Inside out drive over covers and a ferocious pull and cut shot.

Cut shot. No fond memories there I am afraid!!! I remember opening in a club game (1st up).

My captain was on the non strikers end at advised me to take the 1st few balls to get a few sighters.

Well, the bowler dished up a short slow widish delivery. I played the cut and looped it straight to point!! 1st ball of the match!!!

If I was not a keeper I would have had very little to do the rest of the game!!

After that I played the cut and hook very seldom. I got myself a pretty heavy bat which sort of helped not playing those strokes!!!

Later on in my "club career" when I dropped down a few leagues, I brought those shots back!!!
Cover Drive or Straight Drive .....

But I play the late cut best
A kind of slap/jab to mid on/straight. Like Thisara Perera

At 4:01

Cover drive. Inside out . And every straight batted shot. I love to play stylish cricket and don't like ugly slogging too much.
The on drive.

You know your balance is good when that shot is coming off.
the pull shot is the most amazing and manly shot, thats what i think! i mean just watch someone like ricky ponting, andrew strauss or shahid afridi hit it and you would be like wow! well thats what i think:D
see amazing shots at : Video Highlights
My batting tends to look like this

I like Reverse sweep and Scope shot
At least I know I am best at these shot among my friends.