Woodworm cricket bats


May 27, 2011
Hello friends,

I was wondering if anyone has used/knows about woodworm cricket bats. Are they good? I am considering buying a cricket bat and its between SM (Indian brand) or Woodworm. Are woodworm bats made in UK or contract manufactured in India/Pakistan? I am getting a deal on Woodworm Black Label Hard Drive Mens Cricket Bat and they claim its Reserve grade willow. Woodworm reserve grade willow bat is actually cheaper than SM reserve grade. I like SM from the shape and pics of Knightriders bat and think its good. I have never used a UK/ Aussie manufactured bat and already own SS limited edition cricket bat (Indian)

Should i go for it? What do you guys think?
Both are Indian mades.

I haven't seen much of either but SM is a new brand out there and they seem to be making there name with quality bats they have been producing lately.
@CoverDrive... Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. The good thing with SM is that they can custom make the bat for me. I have been in touch with the ppl at SM and they said they have the willow in stock. However there is a difference of about 50$ between the two bats. But now that i know both of them are indian made it would help me decide better
I would go with SM, i have had woodworm in the past and that was one hell of a bat but that was a globe so it was 3/4 years ago.
@ammo. ok. May be i will go with Sm then. I was just tempted with the Reserve/ Super grade 1 willow that they claim to have. I have a SS limited edition bat and its Grade-1 willow and i wondered how reserve willow looks/plays like. with SM i think their grading system is good and some of the grade 2 bats that i have seen would pass as grade1 for other manufacturers.
I think they uses the phrase "reserve willow" for attention its probably no different to a G1 bat. And they are both Indian made so the extra $50 for custom isn't bad.
Ok. I would stick to SM most prob. Would upload pics/review when i get my hands on one