WT20 Final | Sri Lanka vs West Indies | Colombo | 7/10/12

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Oct 20, 2010

WI won the toss and batting first..let's see what has Gayle got for big game..
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Windies should have played dwayne smith instead of johnson charles ! He's a crap player
2 overs gone 1-1

WI can prob afford one more quiet over but then they have to get a move on. The windies look nervous here not playing there natural game
Too many dot balls ! Reminds me of hafeez being at the crease
Lol.... Minnows can't handle pressure of final. Don't blame them.... Hardly gets pass qualifying.
Really poor from SL here and there pathetic appealing. Jamshed comes to mind.
Can't stand Sanga and Jayawardene appealing when they know it's not out.
good batting, not panicking and still trying to rotate the strike, where as our batsmen would have tried to launch a ball out of this ground and give away the wicket, and get under more pressure.
14 off 5 overs???? Is hafeez batting???

Is this the lowest score in power plays??
Well, looks like it will be as predicted, the world cup will be won by an Asian team. Sri Lanka bowling well and showing what pressure can do
Game over for windies ! And we complained about hafeez being slow !
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