Zimbabwe vs Canada | WC'11 | Group A | Nagpur | 28/02/11

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Dec 8, 2009
Match is starting in 8 minutes. The 16 year old Ntish Kumar will play for Canada. Zimbabwe are batting first.
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Go Canada!!!

Hopefully Cheema will score a 100 today! :Cheema smiley
Is speed gun working properly?

The fast bowler bowling at 50 mph? It didn't happened once...
wow that six was effortless!

Ervine just walked up towards the bowler and just hit it smoothly for a HUGE six!
I think Wahab Riaz could get a 50 against Canada lmao.

Good batting by Taibu & Ervine.
Chigumbura gone!

Brilliant catch by Bagai, the keeper, took it almost at silly leg!
You jinxed him Fawad lol out on 98 poor guy.

Canada making a comeback here...
One more solid partnership here and 300 is on the cards...anyways i'm off to bed. night guys.
ZIM 298/9 in 50 overs!

Very good total after 7/2 start. They did collapse at the end but managed to get close to 300.
CAN needs 299 to win, it will be good to see how Canadians approach the target. Looking forward to some Cheema SIXES
Will be interesting to see the 40 yr old and 16 yr old open the batting together!
It is extremely strange for me (being 20) to support a 16 year old who goes to high school somewhat close to me.
9/3 , i have seen some comebacks in my time, but something tells me today Canada is not going to make any sort of comeback.
well there it is.

Cheema gone!

CAN 66/6.

Another 200+ runs defeat on cards here. Against SL, it was acceptable but here a much better response was expected!
Who was the pp'er whose sig was 'Canada will rise in this world cup'? :))
CAN all out for 123. Lost by 175 runs!

All 10 wickets were taken by spinners.
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