Zimbabwe vs Pakistan | 3rd ODI | Harare | 31/8/2013 | Zimbabwe Innings

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Mar 4, 2013
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261 is the Target!

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I know he top scored today but Misbah's innings at the start was possibly one of the worst I've seen.

If Pakistan do end up losing this, the slow runrate in the middle will be the main cause of the defeat and Misbah will rightly get stick.

Those whom blamed Shehzad, namely KIWI (don't know what he has against him), was playing for his place but you cannot blame him as once again Jamshed got out after being set.

Lets hope for the best.
just a par score

match can go either way

with misbah's play safe approach pakistan can never go beyond par scores
batting was poor again no planning ... but our bowlers need to stand up now.. against ZIM we should defend 260 !
I think we are over-estimating Zim batting from that first game. I dont think it will be that easy for Zim
Hope Sarfaraz drops at least 6 catches, so we can see his real face and get a proper WK :kami.
Masakadza is a very good player against spin. Reminds me of SHoaib Malik.
if afridi does not perform today, he should be dropped.
but again in our team you need to perform once in a series to keep your place for next series, which almost every body did.
Sarfarz's voice is so annoying, someone make him calm down . At least :kami dosent make your ears bleed.
keep building dots and they will go for a big shot possibly a slog
Wicket looks totally dead, lol @ scoring 260.
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