Advice for all cricket equipment lovers !


Apr 2, 2011
Hello there , I have loved being a part of community and can proudly say that i have really really broadened my outlook towards my neighbours. I proudly walk into my cricket stadium wearing a pakistan shirt and today i can say that if i ever become a succesful cricketer , it will be because of you wonderful people here at pakpassion :)

Now, i had the time of my life on thursday night when i went to see the kkr vs dd match at the feroze shah kotla. I was sitting right behind the player dugout and all the great kkr players were at a distance of say around 4 feet and a glass away from me. Moreover , The icing on the cake was the one and only SRK was also sitting at the same distance from me. LEE , SHAKIB,WASIM,MORGAN,GAUTAM ETC ETC. it was and will always be an unforgttable night :):)

Anyway , now for the advice . I currently own a icon 606 , a trd and a recent addition was the county SACHIN adidas bat (lightest bat you could hope for , EVER ) . I also own a pair of SG TEST pads and SG maxlite xl gloves. Also masuri TITANIUM and other things.

Now, i can safely say that if you EVER want to buy some pads, look no further than SG tests. They are The best you could ever imagine. Used by all sg sponsored players and also NON-SG sponsored players like kohli , gautam , and many other domestic indian players and a host of others, i can say that they are AWESOME. Many brands like salix etc, have these branded as their own but an expert eye can anyday guess it.

I cannot comment on morrant pads as i have never seen them in person but if they are used by sachin , sehwag , dhoni etc. etc. then they would naturally be very good too.

Anyway , really tired ... if you want any advice about indian cricket goods please feel free to ask , Thank you.
man your lucky but did you manage to interact with them somehow? BTW your welcome! :)
I always thought SS softs were best but after reading on the forums people rate SG softs higher than SS.

So SG is really better than SS?! :O
Shoaib Malik also agrees with OP, true say boy!


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