Advice on Attending Cricket Trials in Pakistan


Aug 16, 2013
Has anyone went to any u16 or u19 trails ?? Can any1 tell me how to impress the selectors ? I am thinking to go to the ztbl u19 cricket trails but i heard that they take people on sifares ? Is this true ? Does anyone know about any other trails ? Rawalpindi u19 trials or islamabad u19 trails ?? Plz help guys !
6 people from our academy are playing for islamabad north and easy zone u -19.Sifares are not there,it's just a rumour to mislead people into think Islamabad cricket is in a bad state.If you're a bowler, The selectors will not look at the balls you bowl but at your run up, action,head position,foot and hand position,grip e.g.If you are a batsman they will look at your technique and style of play.Where your bat is coming from,what sort of balls you are having a problem with.I know a guy who got bowled 5 times in 17 balls in u-16 trials but he got selected and eventually he topped Pakistan in u-16.
Shehryar is spot on and absolutely right so make sure you work on the said things.
Very quick responce!!!

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I went to regional trials in Rwp a few years back...The selectors don't look at you they are instead busy chatting or having chai..