Any Tape Ball cricket in Bay Area, Cali???


Mar 8, 2006
I have relocated to South Bay Area, California just a few months ago. One would think that there would be at least one small group of Pakistanis playing cricket here but I have surprisingly not find them yet even after asking a few other Pakistanis that have lived here for a while.

So, if anybody on PakPassion is aware of any such cricket here then please let me know. To be more specific around San Jose area.
my brother just moved to San JOse a week ago for a new job he got.........

hit him up and he might wanna play cricket
Tons of tape ball teams here. More than 50 I think in the bay area.
If you know someone working at Cisco they will hook you up.
That's the problem I only know few people and none work at Cisco. There are many heavy tennis ball cricket teams here but I am not interested in that.

Anyhow thanks for your replies, I will keep searching.
For anyone who is still looking to play cricket (tapeball, tennis ball, leather ball) around bay area, shoot me a message and I will try to hook you up.

Here are some useful links
This is probably the biggest and most well organized tennis ball cricket league going on in the Bay Area. It has over 100 registered teams. Format is T20.

Another T20 tennis ball cricket league. Well organized and has over 32 registered teams.

The only leather ball league with an Umpiring panel. Don't know about the number of teams, but the standard of cricket is good and competitive. It has multiple divisions going on the same time Division A (50 overs), B (45 overs), C (40 overs) and T20.

Another leather ball league. Don't know much about it. They have 50 overs and T20 divisions.

Some tapeball cricket clubs.
Juniper Cricket Club

Perfect Company Cricket Club

Elk Grove Cricket Club

Don't forget to post if you know any clubs/leagues if it is not already mentioned above.