Bangladesh vs West Indies | 4th ODI | Dhaka | 7/12/12

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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W.I were 102/6 but thanks to captain Sammy got up to 211/9

Bangladesh in reply are 28/5 with captain sammy already taken 3 wickets

Bangladesh going back to there awful crappy ways once again!
What a pathetic performance ! Expected them to win the series the way they played their first two games but.............
Once u are 13-5... there is no going back.....

Also 6 dropped catches.... so we deserved to loose tbh.... here is hoping for a better show in the final game...
this sets up the final match nicely..thank god i have some cricket to follow because indian team is not playing nowadays.
People started to saying that we suck. We won the first match with 7 wickets remaining and 10 overs to spare, we lost the 3rd match by 3 wickets and 18 balls. We won the 2nd match with 160 runs and lost the 4th by 75 runs. Statistics will say that we did player better overall.

we were playing without shakib who is undoubtedly our best batsman, bowler and a terrific fielder. Today's match showed why at times we are nothing without him. His ability to clean the tail-enders and his under-the pressure batting was really missed. The first 2 wins were easy without shakib but shakib is a big match player who performs mainly when the team needs him and that's why he is such a champion

Full credit to west indies. They were just superb. Actually, it was only 1 guy who was superb and that was their captain Sammy. A great knock coming to bat when the team is 102-6 and took 3 wickets in his first 2 overs. I think sammy is a good player to have in any team, he bowls well, bats well and fields well. The difference was made when WI broke our backbone by their fast bowlers opening spells. Nothing much can be done when your team 13-5, well played by riad. It seems that nasir's off form is a real worry. Scored a chunk of runs in the tests. I know this kid and when he is under the pump he is bound to deliver/

One thing for sure we have a good series finale tomorrow. I think WI has clear advantage but a lot of things are at stake and we know that cornered tigers are lethal, e.g. after our lead against the windies in the ODI series after being thumped in the tests.
no man, Bangladesh doesnt suck in ODIs..and at home they can beat anyone..they have a great nucleus of a team with some more talented players coming in...and good to see mahmudullah finally showing consistency.. cholo Bangladesh! Bagher bachcha-ra, tumi egiye cholo!!
subcontinent teams (ind,sri,ban)have been found out or wat????even in their home,,,,,anyways hope bd wins the final
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