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Mar 23, 2014
Salaam All

After a good year with my BB last year I decided to take the plunge and get a Lam as looking into them recently, was very intrigued to see what they would be like. Typical Asian lams appear to be for size per say which did not interest me as such so it appeared a performance lam is the way to go. Tam at BB is a man in the know so got in touch with him and next thing you know iv bought 2 lams instead of 1! lol. I loved the look of both and could not decide so had to get both!


Weight -- 2lb9.5-- 2lb9
blade -- slightly shorter blade-- standard length blade
handle -- slightly longer handle,oval-- standard length oval handle
bow -- medium bow-- slight bow
concave -- slight concave-- no concaving at all
ping(for a new bat) -- 10/10-- 8/10
finish -- 10/10-- 10/10
edge size -- 40mm-- 37mm

Specs above speak for themselves. For a UK made bat they are surprisingly big but where they really come into their own is the balance, handles and PING!!
Handle, finish, balance etc I have experienced with their bats before and anyone who has owned one will know how special they are. The ping however, I must admit was better than a normal bat fully prepared let a lone a brand new bat. The silver BB ping is like a very well pressed bat and the Gold was even better! it honestly is already better than many top of the range brands iv come across after a seasons use. The gold standard for me is an old CA I had which was a gun after a season or so. This genuinely is comparable to it out the packet so to speak.

So in short, are lams better?! in my opinion they not OMG double the size 6s but these 2 specifically, are definitely better than any new bat iv picked up off a shelf. Obviously time will tell how well they improve etc but as it stands these 2 are definitely on the way to being rocket launchers!

So thanks Tam for these. will keep you posted as these will only improve over time.

let me know what you guys think and any questions please get in touch...

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