can't move the feet with pads while batting


Tape Ball Regular
Nov 3, 2011
I can move without pads but while wearing them I just get stuck on the crease and miss most of the balls on the offside which aren't too short to be cut. To add to that I've only started playing with pads recently. Are the pads too big or something?
THey might be you knee needs to be inline with the protection strip (horizontal/sideways)
But it is normal for new players to not move their feet you need to get used to them and practice alot
try to walk a little bit , and take a little warm-up wearing pads.I am sure after some days your problem will solve easily.
I tried running in them in the morning. It happens to new players. Just do some jogging or walking or running and you will feel them out. New test equipment does this but regular play will take care of it.