Custom bat Required


Apr 29, 2014
Hi, I want a custom made bat which is illegal but i want to see the effect of it in practice
My requirements
Grade 1 willow
Laminated Bat
Rubber or skyer foam or cork between the two blades to get maximum trampoline effect
Handle: 12 piece cane handle
Edges 40mm - 45mm
Weight: 2.9-2.11
I want anything in the bat to get maximum trampoline effect but weighs not more than 2.11
Can any bat maker make this bat for me? Or anything close to that?

Rubber or skyer in the middle of lam?
Sounds like the worst of the worst idea. It will produce a thud sound and the ball will drop dead down after making the connection.
Think about it, why do they put skyer foam on the face of that practice bat? So a direct contact between the ball and foam/cork is made to get the max rebound effect.

If you put a piece of wood in front of the cork, the ball will hit the wood and bounce back before the force reaches the cork, presses it and gets the rebound effect passed thru the wood and reach the ball. The timing won't work.