H4L Hell 4 leather custom "CA killer" cricket bat


Mar 23, 2014
salaam all.

I have been a huge fan of CA cricekt bats for years but struggled to get them in genuine oval handles and noticed the profiles changed a little over last couple years with the sweet spots moving higher and the bats also getting heavier. I had been dabling into UK made bats last year as they often pressed better and more durable and have nice oval handles but downside for me was not quite being able to get my tried and tested CA shape and length. Recently I was hearing a lot about H4L cricket. Run by a chappy called Matt based in kent they have a reputation amongst my contacts of providing well balanced bats that look great but most importantly perform exceptionaly well and exceptional quick due to superb pressing!

I thought I would investigate and ended up picking up a custom version Via Hanif at eclipse all sports. requirements were same length as a CA but thicker shoulders and abbsolutely no concaving at all. had to be a nice looker too aswell as a pinger.....I requested and oval rubber handle. Adds more weight to the bat but makes the bat pick up better.

What came in genuinly surprised me. I had tried Tim keeley bats (even performance laminates) all inc my CA bats lighter than this on the scales but the pickup on this was easily better. Whats genuinly puzzled me but ofcourse pleased me was the performance. Honestly the best ping on a new bat I have ever come across and better than all but one CA iv owned after a seasons use!

Overall superb finish, pick up balanace and ping! great service fom Hanif too. Several team mates also taking this bat now and naming it the CA killer lols.

Hanif done a review on this actual bat so easier to view that and let the bat speak for itself....