David Villa hands in transfer request!

Canistani Hero

Senior T20I Player
Mar 3, 2012
Reports coming out of Legacy Park suggest the former Barcelona forward David Villa has handed in a transfer request at the club. He has dropped down the pecking order to the Rockets' 4th choice striker after a string of mesmerizing performances by Falcao, Rossi and Podolski, which is something the Spaniard finds unacceptable. However, he still has 3 years left on his contract which could mean the Rockets will demand a substantial fee. Mordor Monsters, Biryani Royales and Astropussy have been discussed as possible destinations.

Manager Canistani Hero refused to comment on the speculation - "Forget Villa, even I don't know if ill be here till then."

I like Eriksen but he's too short :))

Would somebody like Yaya or Alonso be on the table?
no i exactly don't know, i can't find it but my idea is it will be after match day 16,17,18.
Will find out soon.
Don't think i can match some of the offers made already. Hernandez+cash sounds good enough to me. Anyway looking it Monsters, what kinda player do you realistically expect in return?
I might even offer Podolski to Sid, I know he really wanted him.

Yeah please do. He is my favorite player after Messi. It won't be possible to get Messi, so getting Lukas would be great for me! How about Hernandez + 15M for Podolski?

Afellays stats are posted in transfer thread and last page of Vicious Wonderboys thread.
What cai i give you for afellay although afellay it not an ideal nfor me
J hart(valdes is good enough)
D.lugano(already a lot of defenders)
taulalan(i have signed another one)
nilmar(as i have already have strikers)
Darren brent