England v Sri Lanka | 4th ODI | Nottingham | July 6, 2011

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Let's see if Chandimal can repeat his heroics. Good bowling by Bresnan and Anderson, Broad needs to deliver today, no better chance than today.
This has been a pretty bad odi series for Dilshan, scores of 0, 3, 9 and 1. Hope he bounces back in the next match.
Anderson to Chandimal, OUT, Chandimal over this time! Don't play England when the ball nips around! He was only half-forward when an inswinger clipped his front pad around the knee roll on off stump. Century followed by a duck for the 21-year-old
LD Chandimal lbw b Anderson 0 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Chandimal gone :yk Anderson strikes :akhtar

Srilanka 11/3
Anglo-SL 4th ODI thread

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England win the toss and bowl, and SL are three down for 11!
A lot depends on Sanga, I want Kandamby to get out so that Mathews can finally score an odi century.
Anderson strikes again :akhtar

4 down, Mathews will score big, you heard it from me first :yk

A couple of SLers have given their wicket away, though.

Never fear, Draco will come in a minute with a steady supply of meaty pies.
If the newballwatchman can support Sanga here SL could still make 200+ and that score will be handy under lights. But still loooong way to go.
Lol @ Holding's sneaky comments earlier:

"Ranjiv has two good scores...but that was against India, not seam bowlers"

What is he implying?
Nah don't think so, no overs reduced, if it is then England will win :yk
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