England vs India | 4th Test | The Oval | Aug 18-22 | Day 4

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Wrong Pic lol...

India are batting, not England.


Bat or bowl still gonna get paintiyaan!
India are so bad. SO BAD.

It's ridiculous they were no.1 before this series ... take out one bowler and they're on par with BD
Poor India.

One day I feel bad for them and the next day I laugh at how bad they really are. Today I feel bad for them :p
I would not be surprised to see Dravid get to 14 k runs in Test, he already has 12676 as I am posting this.
India would need to show some steel here to Draw, its still possible. They have to believe that.
it didn't carry to Strauss, Prior should have gone for that.
I do not understand why so deep its a slow pitch.. and india batsman wont go after the bowl????
somestimes I do not understand cricket slip fielders..
playing so much cricket and still not getting the field right..Strausss idiot
Best strategy is to bowl out Dhoni and the tailenders, Dravid is just going to sit there.
Can someone tell my why Kumar isn't playing?
It's amazing how unfit they are.

Quite telling when the fittest person in your team is a 38 year old veteran batsman.
Dravid is looking really good now, I wonder is there a chance that India might draw here.
Now Swann can bowl to ghambir mind u Ghambir is class vs Spin... but... Swann need to bowl tighter let them hit the fours..
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