GM Icon 2011


Apr 6, 2011
Hi guys,

I would like to buy an GM cricket bat.
I have done the Gunn and Moore Bat selector test, and according to my playing style the Icon suits me.

Now I have been looking to buy online an Gunn and Moore cricket bat.

My budget is not too high, I am looking for the
Gunn and Moore ICON 808 . weight about 2.8-2.9 lbs.
The shop I am getting this is Mapperley sports.
My question to you guys:

Who knows Mapperley Sports? (
Anyopne bought some bats from them?

I would like to have your thoughts about this ...,161&CAT_ID=403&P_ID=1254

Many thanks in advance!

I have bought like 5 bats from Mapperly Sports, and Micheal is a top top guy and he can get you top drawer bat.
Mapperley are cricketsales, not seriouscricket.

EDIT: I see wut you did thar.
I recently bought a GM Icon DXM Plus 808 which weighs at 2.9lbs but feels like 2.7lbs. Bought it from Mapperly Sports (Michael).

The whole buying experience was fantastic! He emailed the pictures before I ordered the bat so I knew what I was getting. IMO, Mapperly Sports is A+!

As far as the bat goes, GM Icon is an amazing bat. The pick up and balance is fantastic and you can't go wrong with it. If you get the DXM plus, you will have a longer sweet spot!