GN Oblivion Players


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Nov 15, 2011

Just wanted to say that a GN Oblivion Players Edition was purchased from Asad bhai (Uzi sports). Masha'Allah he was very helpful and friendly which reinforces what others have said about him previously.

He went to the gray nicolls factory and picked out some bats, sent photos, gave us first choice etc; very much appreciated (how many other retail outlets would do that ?!!)

Thanks Asad bhai!
I agree with you here , dont know wat the fuss was that rant going on PP against Asad , he is a top guy , even he replied at 23:00 from his smart phone to my question ... top customer service

plus do u mind sharing pics with us ... try to shoot like CD does , amazing photographer this CD guy is :)
Bros, the bat was for someone else, insha'allah I'll try and get pictures; what asad said was he went to the gn factory and the players werent very good, but he picked about 2-3 bats and its from them that one was chosen.

The bat was about 2.10 and has about 9 grains; they are not dead straight but it definately passes the mallet test; it had that nice sound really low on the bat; the oblivion shape is the best gn imo.

The other thing Ive learnt after purchasing many bats is that its not ALL about the grains; I remember a couple of bats I ve played with and honestly the ping on them was excellent and they werent perfect grains (although I think it was grade 1 willow); so now so long as its grade 1, picks up nice and passes the mallet test its ok with me.
Absolutely feel and ping is the key and that is what matters the most :). So you have your thinking right :D

Sounds like an amazing bat, looking forward in seeing the pictures :).

The bat was purchased for someone else and he has the bat; insha'Allah I'll try to take pictures; I just looked at the screaming cat website and JM confirmed the issue of performance over looks-