HBL v PIA | Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup | 8/7/13 | Karachi

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Jun 15, 2006
Both HBL and PIA will be looking for their 2nd win in the #RamadanT20Cup when they clash vs each other starting in 45 minutes. #cricket
Good effort from HBL to make 180/2 in their 20 overs.
Welcome everyone, it’s Abdul Qadir reporting live from national Stadium Karachi.

Big apologies for our followers and listeners for a delay.

As you know the instability of Karachi city, it was another day of unexpected assassinations.

We were stuck in a traffic mess, but finally we are here with our live updates.

It’s a big match tonight, PIA taking on HBL.
PIA won the toss and gave HBL a chance to bat first but that decision cost them as HBL put themselves in a very strong position.

Fahad Masood played brilliantly with his knock of 64 with unbeatable Asad Baig who was opening for HBL, he was 58*
Anwar Ali was the only bowler to get breakthroughs, he got 2/28 in his 4 overs.

HBL put a mammoth total of 180 to test the chasing qualities of PIA, Shoaib Malik will be the key.
As PIA started their chase, it seems like it’s Fahad Masood’s day all over. Dismissed all the top 3 batsmen of PIA with bowling figures 3/16
As it was expected, Shoaib Malik leading his team from the front, keeping alive the hopes for their teams.

He’s on 47 off 33, while Shehryar Ghani supporting him sensibly.
As it was expected, Shoaib Malik leading his team from the front, keeping alive the hopes for their teams.

He’s on 47 off 33, while Shehryar Ghani supporting him sensibly.

He's at the level he belongs, let him stay there
Score Update: PIA 77/3, 10 overs

Shoaib Malik 50* Shehryar Ghani 11*

Malik reaches 50 in style and Shehryar beautifully punch the ball over the mid on area to end the over.
PIA req 104 runs in another 10 overs

Will he lead his team to the victory?

A Fact: PIA and HBL both won 1 and lost 1 till now in the tournament.
Shehryar Ghani with a confident deep mid on puch and it's a SIX!!!

man...you gotta see him, he looks a one good talent.
Score Update: PIA 89/3, 11 overs

Shoaib Malik 53* Shehryar Ghani 20*
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Score Update: PIA 89/3, 11 overs

Shoaib Malik 53* Shehryar Ghani 20
Shehryar lofting one over midwicket and it's a one bounce four.

This man looks pure talent, a good left hand responsible middle order batsman.
Another lofting drive through to covers by Shehryar! 4 runs.

Malik 58* Ghani 35*

PIA getting themselves to the winning ways, just a wicket and HBL will be back in game!
14 gone


Req 69 off 36 balls

difficult one but still possible as long as Malik & Ghani are there
The on drives and leg flicks for strike rotating by Ghani reminding me of Nasir Jamshed.
57 needed in 5 overs

more than 11 an over!!!

Malik can do that!

Ghani is surely a surprise package in today's match!
Malik on 71* Ghani heading towards his 50, he's on 48*, playing very impressively and responsibly.

Req 46 in 4 overs
now it' just a game of 24 balls, whom u think will go over the line today?
through to fine leg fielder and one run by Malik

wait....it's a free hit and Ghani got the strike!

What a time to bowl a no-ball
Ghani hits, in the air...long way...landed in the hands of fielder, it's a no ball so no worries for PIA, got couple of runs.
2 balls to go in this over, req 39 runs in 20 balls

Malik & Ghani's partnership: 113*
Ghani flicked over on side, one...oh Malik called for two...

chance of a run out, it's a close call and i think Malik is gone!

Good work by Humayun Farhat
Malik departs with his wonderful knock of 78

unfortunately unable to finish the things for his team

New man in is Anwar Ali

34 needed off 16 now
Ali hits through long on and just a single

33 off 15

come on PIA!!!
another single

PIA needs 24 in 2 overs

it's going to be a nail-biter, Ghani is the hope for PIA but they would happy with the positive attitude of Anwar Ali
Ghani plays through deep mid off

looking for 2, and here comes the balls to stumps, it could be another run out
3rd Umpire: OUT

what a comeback by HBL, it's topsy turvey game!

19 needed off 10 balls

Let's see who'll be the man joining Ghani on the crease!

Anwar Ali departs with contributing something valuable
Ghani hits it through mid on boundary

Farhat coming and it could be another out!!

ohh...he drops it down!!

2 runs
Wait....it's no ball!!!
really?? that was not...Kamran's foot just landed before the line

Younis Khan arguing with umpire for the no-ball call by umpire!
this is the difference between International matches and domestic.. you can argue freely with the umpires here
Ghani avails the free-hit with a huge six!

Runs to win 7, balls rem 7
Ghani plays through deep mid on

good running, got 2

now PIA need 5 in last over

HBL is out of luck today!
PIA wins the match

but well played HBL!

Ghani and Malik were star performer today!

It was all we got here, See you tomorrow with another big match!

Thank you, Abdul Qadir Jawaid.
Blatant cheating. HBL are unlucky.

Also can anyone tell me why PIA were awarded an extra 5 runs?
Poor stuff from the 3rd umpire. The game turned on that no ball call.

Clearly wasn't a no ball.
During PIA innings, Fahad Masood ran on the pitch which resulted in 5 penalty runs.

Isn't the rule that the batsman gets a warning and if it happens again then the umpire can give him out? Sounds like HBL was seriously hard done by.
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