Help needed


Tape Ball Star
Apr 12, 2011
OK guys--- how do I get the sticky residue off from the blade of a bat after taking the anti-scuff sheet off? I have done this in the past when I first wait a loooooong time for the glue to dry (which it does not fully, ever) and then do the usual manual thumb press and workout paraphernalia. There has to be an easier process/method to do this. Some chemical perhaps which takes the glue off without damaging the moisture content of the blade? Any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. I need to get my bat ready for a game this weekend :)
Still waiting.....need to get my bat up and running within the next couple of days :(
There is some chemical called 'White Spirit' I have never used that, however, what I did was that oiled the face (over glue) and left it for a bit and after that took a knife and scrapped the residue.

Definitely not an easier way but was the best working solution for me really.