How do you join a cricket club in Pakistan?


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Aug 28, 2013
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i have a few questions

how do you join a cricket academy? How much do you pay? do you need experience aswell? Do you have to be Under 18 to to be accepted? Is it necessary that you have to be able to play big shots to get selected? How time of the day is spend in the cricket club?
Big difference between a cricket CLUB and Academy. There may well be a monthly subscription for the academy.

No major exp required, but some level of natural talent will help.

No u 18 rule, but if your older, your better off joining a club.

Big shots!!!! U kidding me? Is that even a serious question? Not going to bother replying to that.

I am sure time is spent working on your physical fitness and all aspects of the game.
thank you for replying. But do you have any idea oh how much you have to pay pay for club cricket
Anyone has any idea of any cricket club in Karachi and where?
I'm nearly 21 so Moin Khan Academy is a no go.