How many grains should a bat have if i want it to last 2 years ?


Apr 13, 2012
1) Always been hearing that a bat should have 6-12 grains. But how many should it really have if i just want to use it for 2 years ( Maybe 3) ??
Or anyone who can give me a idea of long can the bat be used for if it has how many grains. (example 12-16grains for 1 year ) ??

2) And what does the hard/heart/hartwood(whatever it is) does on a bat. Why should be/ shouldnt there?

Thanks mates :D
1. Grains can be controversial, I know many people that have bats with over 12 grains and they use it regularly (1 training and 1 match a week) and their bats have lasted seeral years. If i were you I would never buy a bat which has 3 grains I woud probably go for a bat with around 8 grians and hope it lasts. Cricket bats can break, and they do break so how long it lasts is luck.
2. Heart wood is the wood from the center of the tree it is slightly harder than sapwood(lighter wood) this is upto personal prefrance, many people try to get some on their outside edge.
it should be selected veeeery carefully and a bit of a problem will destroy your 3 year expectation. You will have to select it in alot of sukoon!!!
I think you will never know how long a bat will last...
Maybe 1 year,2 year or even 1 or 2 months....

It depends on a lot of things,for example:

*Quality of the bat(Willow,handle,etc)

*Knocking/oiling & the pressing done on the bat

*How well you take care of it & how you use it...............

Heartwood just affects the aesthetics of the bat & nothing else as far as I know.....

Its a kind of personal preference,some people like it others don't...

Heres' some pic of bats with heartwood,being used by International Players....

Agree with what straight drive has said. If you look after the bat and not play rash shots it will significantly improve life span.
I think it would be more appropriate to measure the amount of runs you would score with a particular bat. In my experience, a bat with higher grain count will give good performance but much less runs, than one with much less grains. If you get a bat with say eight grains or so, and score 100 runs a season, it will last you three years plus. If however, you go out and get a couple of fifties, a couple of hundreds, use it whilst netting midweek, and winter nets, expect to buy a bat a every season. I on average score 350-500 runs a season over 15 or so games. I then practice winter nets with same bat. It is generally broken or rendered useless by 2nd game of new season. I try to get at least eight grains, evenly spaced, I will avoid anything with less grains, and try to avoid more with higher grain count. I try to get the heartwood, but am not overly fussy about that. From Ann aesthetic point of view I don't like the heartwood, but it does give a marginally noticeable better performance.
look at it as you are buying a car and look at the same thing but in different bodies in this case same model different willow.