How to tie thigh and Inner thigh pad?

if u r a right handed batsman than the thigh on the left where it meets the waist and the inner thigh on right side a bit below the waist. and if lefty just do the opposite! i know the straps are complicated on the inner thigh just tie or strap it the way it is comfy for u!
No I know that. I mean I saw a video on youtube named 'Mandeep Singh explains the kit bags used by professionals' or so. When you see his thigh pad and inner thigh pad, they are not seperate, they are together. I want to know how to do that
The Video of Mandeep singh kit from cricketcountry videos ?

In that, if you see, its just that, he has tied the front foot thing pad and inner leg thig pad together, just for convenience. There are some thigh pads that come together like this one;

But they are quite inconvenienat to adjust them around the things. Similar to this, they just tie them together, so they are in place and also allows them to adjust accordingly after wearing them.
yeah these strippers dont fit quiet nicely as your traditional thigh and inner thigh joined.
ok as u have seen the mandeep singh video i would advise that u see it again when u r tying the thread because i don't know where exactly to tie it becoze i have never worn a inner thigh pad because i always get my timings right or just save myself at the end playing late cut! but in the video i saw that it was tied to the flap which was on top of the inner thigh pad.
use your head,common sense try it out a few time you will figure it out