Hyderabad Hawks v Islamabad Leopards | Group A | Faysal Bank T20 Cup | 25/6/2011

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Sorry just delete my thread. I didn't see any thread here so created one.

Looking forward to watch my man Sharjeel Khan!
Will by supporting the Hawks in this one and Honestly the Hawks should register a easy win here
I had two links yesterday and none of them working now :facepalm:

Any other links?

Raheel gone, caught behind chasing a wide one!
Afaq Raheem lives just a couple of sectors away from our house in Mirpur

poor fielding at 3rd man, pressure released!
Kismat Ki Devi meherbaan Bio Amla Leopards par :mib :)))

Mirza Iqbal scared me half to death there!
good spell from Talpur, only 23 off his quota.
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