I stand with Babar Azam

Inzi has some branded meat business in Pakistan and Yousuf is his partner, don't be surprised if Yousuf is also partner in that marketing sports Co. Thus far the infatuation with Babar

Your comments on the points he made in the video?
We stand by Babar Azam but it's seems he has some other objectives as Pakistan captain apart from winning matches which is painful and heart breaking
Mohammad Yousuf asks why compared to the 2019 World Cup, we have such a furore over Babar Azam?

Sarfraz's captaincy was severely criticised at the time. Remember the yawning memes? The only defence for Babar's captaincy can't be "itna bara player hai". Yes he's our best player by far in most conditions, but that doesn't negate criticism over his captaincy. Keep losing consecutive games and you'll have a hard time as leader. Comes with the job. Buttler and others are getting similar stick.
In Saj's interview with David Lloyd, the commentator talk's about the dispicable culture of ex-players bashing current players. This is what he had to say:

"I've been to Pakistan on a number of occasions, so I get that the players are under so much spotlight; they're under so much pressure, but they should be able to embrace and enjoy that. It's quite sad that ex-players come and have a pop at them, which I don't like, but it goes with the package, and Pakistan has always done that."

"Your ex-players are put in front of cameras, and they say this and that, and you know, I think that causes a little bit of damage because the players themselves will know that they've not achieved."
Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir regarding criticism on Babar Azam:

Mohammad Amir:

“When you lose it is because some of the reasons and factors due to which your team loses. Then point out those mistakes, whether it’s the batter or the bowler who didn’t bowl well. And then you discuss the captain that he took the wrong decision at this point. Since captain is the leader mostly, he is discussed after any loss,"

Imad Wasim:

Who is the captain of Pakistan team? Who else should we criticize? When India loses, Rohit Sharma is criticized, when Pakistan loses, Babar is criticized, when Australia will lose, Australian captain will be criticized,”
Dear Babar Azam,

You are loved by millions of Bharatiya fans because you’re a great talent but more so because you’re a true gentleman and a true ambassador of your cricket team and nation. You have won our hearts with your smile and with your humility.

As you give up captaincy today, we Bharatiya fans hope that you get your batting form back and continue building your legacy and achieve all that you are destined for.

Make no mistake about it, you were and you still are the biggest star in the Pakistan team even if you aren’t the captain anymore. Don’t ever take it to heart.

Keep it going bro
Indians (and Pakistanis) have this desi mentality that ONE individual has to be crucified when things go wrong. Sure the captain is responsible for the team, but then poor Babar is dealing with a lot of nincompoops who simply can't pull their own weight. Desis are very passive aggressive. If they don't like someone, they will SHOW it in more ways than one.. and one of their way is to simply half-ass their compliance. Babar is not dealing with a team that is rallying under his captaincy. He has consistently performed, but others haven't.. especially the openers.

Pakistan has a much bigger problem. They simply do not have a robust cricketing system that is filtering out talents. Politics, nepotisim, favoritism, ego.. these are what is used to make selections ... from a pool that is not that great to begin with.