Ideas for new bat


Dec 19, 2012
Hi people!

I'm looking for a new bat and have been in contact with onlinestocklist and looking views on their bats that were suggested...

Champ Green (S1 cleft)
SS KP Power Green

I know SS / SM / BDM bats are reputable but haven't heard of Champ bats. Are they any good?

Attached the photos

Thanks in advance


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The bat on the left looks nice and big but SS do generally make good bats as well.

I'd probably go for the SS but ideally you want to feel both bats before making a decision.
If they're any good?? Mate, Champ bats price to price comparison will beat even SS. I have the Champ Katana at home, sells cheaper than SS LE and hits even better. The one in the photo above, i've never seen it as the ones i've seen have on name ranges, not sure why no name range is on it but it looks like one of their top end Grade 2 bats. Those give off Grade 1 like performance so you can't really lose with them.

By the way, what do you mean by "S1 Cleft"?
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