India [144/8] beat England [139/6] by 5 runs in the second T20I

Atleast he scored at a strike rate of 133, 5 out of 8 batsmen didn't even crossed 100 LOL.

Because they didnt play that many balls right. If u r the best why r u comparing with mere mortals. Its better to get out than suck all the momentum and hack a couple in the last over and remain not out
Mishra reminds me of a senior in my school who used to bully super juniors . Whenever he encountered his own level people , he was a kitten.
God, we know Dhoni is past it and is horrible now. You don't need to repeat that every 2nd post.

Yuvraj played an even more pathetic knock today but the talk has all been about Dhoni. It's a frigging slow pitch where it's difficult to hit from the get go for any batsman let alone a past it batsman. 160 would've been a winning total here if Ash and Jaddu were in the team. Makes you question the cricketing nous of people here.

Because yuvi is not hyped as the best finisher, legend, better than sachin, gilly, ponting right
Anyway Dhoni was never great in T20Is even during his prime and I don't think anyone denies it.

No point flogging a dead horse.
Lmao cricinfo says Stokes bowled and then changed to noball
Dude cool down. You are only going to loose credibility if you are that aggressive. His post was actually normal.

U misunderstood me. My post is in response in to the sarcasm from veeru bhai and not to syed bhai
Mushkil hota hai ja raha hai angraiz ke liyay.

They can't play spin to save their lives. India should continue bowling spinners.
India's recent T20I matches have followed the same template. India wins
- chasing and Kohli special.
- batting and top order clicks (Rohit/Dhawan/Kohli)
- bowling has a good day. Happens a lot more in the T20I format given the experience and variations when we play our best bowling lineup.

India loses every match when the top order fails and the middle order has to bat. Every single match in the last two years.

India's recent T20I results (non-minnows); latest match first.

vs England at Kanpur. Loss. Batting failure.

vs WI at Lauderdale. Loss. Rahul special but Dhoni couldn't get 8 off 6 in the final over on the flattest pitches.

vs WI at Mumbai. Loss. Bowling failure (dew) + poor batting from Rahane at the top.

vs Aus at Mohali. Win. Kohli special.

vs BD at Bangalore. Win. BD choke.

vs Pak at Kolkata. Win. Kohli special.

vs NZ at Nagpur. Loss. Batting failure.

vs BD at Dhaka. Win. Dhawan/Kohli in easy chase.

vs SL at Dhaka. Win. Good bowling + Kohli chase.

vs Pak at Dhaka. Win. Good bowling + Kohli chase.

vs BD at Dhaka. Win. Good bowling + Rohit special.

vs SL at Vizag. Win. Ashwin special.

vs SL at Ranchi. Win. Good team win.

vs SL at Pune. Loss. Batting failure.

vs Aus at Sydney. Win. Dhawan/Kohli/Raina in good chase.

vs Aus at MCG. Win. Dhawan/Sharma/Kohli putting up big runs.

vs Aus at Adelaide. Win. Kohli special.
Stokes finishing it off,terrible from Mishy disaster this was in the bag for us!!
If there is no wicket in this over,the remaining over from pacer situation will backfire.
Because they didnt play that many balls right. If u r the best why r u comparing with mere mortals. Its better to get out than suck all the momentum and hack a couple in the last over and remain not out

Who stopped them from playing "That" many balls? Suck the momentum ? lol when 5 out of 8 players are unable to score at a strike rate of more that 100, which momentum are u talking about?
Matlab kutch v ? :misbah3
There's no way Kohli is going to be better than Dhoni as captain, doesn't mean that he is bad, I still rate him.
That no ball from Mishra will prove costly.

It was a very good delivery as well, totally outfoxed him.
Kohli has been pathetic LOI captain so far

bowling Nehra now when match is over.Too much love for Raina
There is no way india winning this match when we scored 35 runs in last 5 overs with finishers doing zilch and by selecting yuvi who is a failure since eternity
Pak fans u can sleep better because we r a garbage one man team now and will be till near future if we keep playing washed out players.

Our short form performances are pathetic since long time and we have fans still supporting washed out players and giving sermons to other fans about player worship and how it is all about the team and not players but they keep throwing players under the bus to highlight their favourite player saying team is rubbish and it is only him responsible for every victory
Not change anything with a settled Root out their and butler moeen to come

This will be a cakewalk in normal scenario

You can't ever give up if you want to win. Dots are building up bud, thus pressure is increasing. India can pull it off if they bowl well next over.
In retrospect what a gem of an innings rahul played on this pitch. Even root finding difficult to time well.
[MENTION=45152]Saurav[/MENTION] - Yuvi can't play good bowlers or on good pitches.

Always got the vibe from him.

That century is going to haunt us.

And Dhoni lol.

The 2nd best ODI batsman from Indian team.
Root struggling to get it out of the inner circle here :))
Oh man... Game over now... But credit to our bowling. Made a game out of lost one